Top 5 Workout Studios in New Orleans

Yes Yoga (Oak)

I recently attended Yes Yoga on Oak Street, and I am newly obsessed. Let me tell you. I can't recall a time I have sweat more in my life that attending Yes Yoga' s Hot Vinyasa Flow class. I felt completely relaxed and released tons of toxins by the time I exited the studio that night. Yes Yoga offers eight types of classes, including; the Hot classic, Hot Quickie, Community Quickie, Hot Vinyasa, Ambient Hot Classic, Yin Yoga, Level Up, and Tai Chi. Don't have a mat or towel? no worries, the front desk has got you covered. I highly recommend the two-week unlimited intro for $25.  

Romney Studios (Magazine)

Now with two locations, Romney Studios and MVMT by ROMNEY offer a " unique portfolio of fitness courses that build and strengthen the body from the inside out,"according to the studios' website. Erin Romney founded Romney Studios in 2005 with the hope of creating a safe place for the community of New Orleans post hurricane Katrina. I had the opportunity to hear Erin speak at a Women in Business meeting last year, and I was thoroughly impressed. Erin described her goal in life as " being able to ski at eighty, " which I wholly relate to. Romney offers a range of classes, including cycling, reformer Pilates, Barre, and Boxing, among others. 

From my personal experience, I can attest to the entire staff if welcoming and accommodating, no matter your fitness level. While I haven't had the chance to attend classes at MVMT yet,  the space at Romney Studios has a lot of natural light. The studio is also nicely located across the street from Whole Foods on Magazine Street. Hungry for breakfast after class? Need coffee? No problem. 

Hour Blast (Maple)

Hour Blast opened in December 2010 by Co-founders and friends Courtney Montgomery and Karen Eastman. Conveniently located across from Bruno's Tavern on Maple Street, Hour Blast is an excellent alternative to an Orange Theory Fitness. At Hour Blast, you will take turns alternating between floor exercises and the treadmill. Classes will vary every day. If you're the type of person that has difficulty training by yourself, but you want a workout similar to the one going to the gym would give you, Hour blast is the place for you. If the Maple location isn't for you, no need to fret. Hour Blast now has five locations operating throughout New Orleans. Another upside to Hour Blast, they offer a Student / Monthly Unlimited Discount for $175 a month. That would roughly come out to $9 per class if you are attending classes five times per week. 

City Surf New Orleans (Magazine)

While I haven't personally attended the classes, City Surf is a fan favorite within the Tulane Community. According to their website, City Surf features both 35 and 50-minute full-body strength and conditioning workouts that are "surf-inspired." In essence, you will be participating in different workout drills on and off your surfboard for the entirety of your class. Do you want to look long and lean like a surfer? ; Then this is the class for you. While City Surf now has 3 locations, they only have 1 location in New Orleans. I highly recommend purchasing the one-month unlimited intro for only $79. If you go to class every day, that's less than $3 a session. 

Body Shoppe (Freret)

Body Shoppe is the newest craze within the New Orleans and Tulane community. Body Shoppe, which opened less than six months ago, is a fitness community founded on "  sweat, smiles, and fun," according to the studios' website. Body Shoppe offers four types of classes, including;  Tempo Dance Cardio, Flex + Flow, HIIT + Flow, as well as HIIT. Not to mention their Infrared Sauna for post-workout relaxation. Body Shoppe offers some amazing student discounts, including a Student Unlimited class pack per month for $139 and a student 10 class package for $160. If you're signing up for a class, I've heard from friends that Danny's class is the class to take.