Spring is for Self Love

The post-spring break slump is real. The post-spring break slump is the period between spring break and summer. I came back from Mardi Gras and spring break feeling as if I needed a vacation after my vacation. It can be challenging to focus on school knowing that summer is right around the corner, especially with warmer weather and an endless social calendar with events including Sorority and Fraternity formals. However, while this period between spring break and summer can feel not so motivating, it is essential that you maintain focus. While I do not want to admit it, grades matter. This last month of the school year can either make or break your GPA. 

Additionally, while it may be ever so easy to fall into a routine of eating out and not exercising with so much you would rather be doing, this strategy will only decrease motivation and shrink your bank account. 

Going into this last month of school, I have found the best way to stay focused and maintain motivation is to create a self-care routine that works for me. I have seen that when I put energy into feeding my body and soul, my positivity and overall happiness increase, thus creating motivation so I can finish the semester off knowing I tried my best and can be proud of my hard work and achievements. 

Here are five daily self-care methods I have implemented into my life:


Vitamin D

Being outside in the fresh air is an instant mood booster. Vitamin D is proven to reduce depression, boost your immune system, and promote weight loss. I personally enjoy laying out by the pool, even if for only an hour. However, if you don't have time to waste laying out in the sunshine, I suggest eating lunch or studying outside. If I am studying outside in the sun, and have a good playlist to listen to, school work no longer feels like such a drag. Some of my favorite outdoor study spots include PJ's Coffee on Willow Street, Hillel, and the LBC Quad. 


Physical Activity 

I personally try to work out at least five times a week, but if working out isn't your thing, I recommend taking the stairs or walking to a cute coffee shop. Exercise releases serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that contributes to happiness levels. I exercise as part of my self-care routine because working out is one of the few aspects of my life where I can have control. Seeing progress and knowing I am getting stronger physically, inspires me to continue going to the gym and treating my body with respect. I have recently gotten into early morning workouts, particularly at Orange Theory. Signing up for a class before-hand forces me to get out of bed and start my day. Also, I feel excited to continue my day, knowing I already did something beneficial for myself first thing in the morning. 


I am still living in a dorm, so I have to get creative with my meal prepping. However, I have found specific meal prepping recipes that are easy to do with limited resources. Meal prepping is a fun way for me to express my creativity and try new recipes. I often grocery shop and meal prep on Sunday nights. This activity has become something I look forward to all week. Some of my favorite items to meal prep include overnight oats, chia seed pudding, and hard-boiled eggs. Also, in cooking for myself, I know my body is being filled with nutritious ingredients. In eating healthy, a side benefit is that I have the mental clarity to study. 



I can not say enough good things about podcasts. Recently, I have started to prefer podcasts over music. Spotify, my chosen platform, has a variety of podcasts on countless different topics. I have started to listen to podcasts at the gym. Hearing other individuals speak about their personal experience, struggles, and advice, motivates me to stay on my grind. Some of my favorite podcasts include Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Gals On The Go, The Skinny Confidential, and The Health Code. 


Skin Care Routine 

Having a disciplined skin care routine is essential for my self-care going into summer. During the summer months, I dislike wearing makeup. With that being said going into summer, I have cracked down on skin care so my skin can be radiant when summer finally does come. Also, skincare has become part of my night time ritual. Putting products on my face calms my mood, and lets my mind know its time to wind down for bed.  I love skincare to wind me down for bed, but some people prefer making hot tea or reading a book.