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I spent most of my first semester out socializing at parties, enjoying the loud music and high energy. However, because of athletic commitments, 2019 has brought a new lifestyle. Now most nights are spent in, enjoying a much more peaceful atmosphere instead.

This might mean I’m just spending more time shouting kids to turn down their music instead of screaming along. Or, perhaps, you’ll find me swiping left on Tinder to feel powerful.

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Luckily for the rest of the community, this isn’t the case. Instead, it means a lot more movies, conversation, and double the food intake. Yet, it has helped me to realize and reflect on why I actually go out and what I look to gain from going out.

It turns out I’ve grown closer to friends in this one week than in the many weeks of going out last semester. Staying in has actually sparked so many meaningful conversations and time spent actually listening and making memories we will all hold dearly.

Does this mean that I’m hanging up my crop tops and frat shoes, never to return? Well, definitely not--and you might just see me next Tuesday. Instead, I think this break has allowed me to reflect on what I actually like about myself and my friends. Moreover, it has allowed me to reflect on party life as a whole, on the way people overdo it and lose focus of the point. The point is to have a good time, but to enjoy each other and be safe as well. Through staying in, my friends and I now better understand how to enjoy one another in a way that will, in turn, benefit us all the next time we venture outside South Hall.Image Source: giphy

Detoxing from college party life is a great way to analyze why you are acting the way you are, your true motivations and aspirations. It makes clear the way you actually want to spend your time in order to get the most and what you want out of it.

Freshman student athlete at Tufts University
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