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Getting Through the Stress of College

I have never really been able to handle my stress and I have been facing consequences for this all semester long. I get stressed, do not want to handle my problems, ignore my problems, and then all of my problems grow and grow until I explode. When I’m stressed I feel it in my body; I get sick, sleepy and physically do not want to get up in the morning. I instinctively ignore the problems that made me stress in the first place in hopes that they go away–but they never do.

This semester has been extra hard on me, to the point where it is affecting my everyday life. My grades are dropping, I hate my job, I have stress acne all over my face and struggle to even start my day in the morning.

I have been trying my best to make it through this semester without failing my classes and finally get to summer.  To stop my stress, I’ve been trying to take a step back from everything and go day-by-day, not worrying about anything besides what is present. I also recognize that I may have taken on too much on my plate, so I’ve been attempting to lighten my load by working less and taking less classes. Another strategy that helps, but I’m also very bad at, is knowing to ask for help when it is needed. We all cannot get through life alone. Reach out a hand to the ones close to you, family or friends, or someone who can help, like a counselor.

College is not easy and everyone struggles at some point or another, and it’s okay. The important thing to remember is to stay calm and look for happy in your life. Take breaks from what may be bringing stress into your life. Just remember to breath and remind yourself that everything will be okay no matter how bad things may be at the moment.

Stressing out about being stressed will only cause more stress. To get through life, not only college, you need to take a step back, breath, and then handle the problems that may be causing you stress. Take a chance and look around you. Look at the people around that make you happy. Go back and look at old pictures where you were having fun and making memories you will never forget.

Everything will be okay and we will all make it to summer one day at a time!

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