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Stuck In A Fitness Rut? Here are some Simple Exercises to Help Get Out of it.

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Sometimes the simple things in life can make a huge difference. By all means, I’m not a huge fitness buff. I don’t go to the gym, nor do I run a mile a day, but I do like to keep my body active in ways I feel comfortable doing so. However, I know there are some people out there wondering how to start their fitness journey, and I’m not here to coach you into doing exercises, but to encourage you to start with low-impact activities that will build your endurance.

The main problem when trying to exercise is finding the motivation to get up and start being active. I’ve had plenty of those moments where I’ve felt too lazy to get out of bed, but let me tell you something, after doing a workout you’ll feel so accomplished and great after. Therefore, I’d like to share some easy physical activities that will get your body moving in a way where you’ll feel confident and lively.

Yoga is a good stress reliever and it’s not as hard as most people might think. I’ve heard awesome things about yoga and have even tried it out myself (my roommate forced me). After doing yoga, I found myself in an immense state of relaxation. When you first try it out, you may not think you’re working out because you’re not breaking a sweat, but trust me when I say you’ll feel the sore the next day.

I know this may not seem as much, but walking is a great way to be active. If you’re like me and hate to run, then taking a nice stroll can work wonders. You’ve probably heard the phrase “hot girl walk” and it doesn’t go without saying that you truly are turning something we do on a day to day basis and making it a lifestyle to feel better in your skin.

Pilates is similar to yoga, but it’s a bit more intense when it comes to the poses. I took a pilates class my freshman year of college and enjoyed it so much that I continued to practice it. You can find multiple videos on YouTube that range from five minutes to thirty minutes of pilate workouts that work for you.

If you’re more of an hardcore person, rock climbing would be perfect for you. It’s fun and physical enough for you to hit your fitness mark for the day.

Remember that everyone has their own preference for when it comes to exercising, all you have to do is experiment and search for what works for you.

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