I Started Walking Every Day for 30 Minutes: Here’s What Happened.

I’ve always loved working out and feeling my strength and confidence improve along with it. With all my classes, job searching, zoom meetings, and homework, it’s been extra hard to carve out an hour and a half to go lift at the gym. I know that it’s good for me and that my body feels thankful after I’m done, but living during a pandemic is hard. My motivation for lifting weights had significantly diminished; I knew I needed to find a way to clear my mind and move my body. I’m not saying that my dog, Fifer, physically made me get up and move. But she definitely influenced my decision, nine days ago, to take her on a walk every day. It didn’t matter when. I was ready to commit 30 minutes of my day. And, let me tell you, the results have been AMAZING! 

  1. 1. My sleep schedule is improving, and I fall asleep easier

    I try to go midday or early in the evening, and we keep a brisk pace. We walk to this small park I have in my neighborhood; I let her run free for a bit while I follow behind her. The walks are usually 2-2.5 miles long, and we spend about 30-40 minutes outside together. By the end, we are so sweaty and tired that we both sleep like angels. I feel relaxed, less stressed, and these walks help me wind down a lot easier at night since I’ve gotten excess energy out. 

  2. 2. It improves my workflow throughout the day

    My walks have honestly become something I look forward to. They are like a reward! I usually center my work and tasks for the day around my walks so that I can have a break from sitting at my desk looking at a screen. I find that I’m more productive, more creative, and much happier once I am done with my walk. Walking adds uplifting energy to my day, and I  love that boost of vitamin D I get from the sunshine. Sometimes, I listen to a motivating podcast or an upbeat music playlist as well! Plus, being in the company of my dog makes me feel brighter and happier. 

  3. 3. My mental health thanks me for these walks

    It has been proven that physical activity, in any way, increases dopamine production in your brain. Dopamine is actually released through endorphins, which makes you feel happier and boosts creativity. I honestly feel like I can conquer the world when I take a walk, and it gives me that extra confidence to complete other things in my life. I find that when I go walking, my self-care routine becomes a greater priority. I journal more, take more time to show my body love, and look at life more positively. 

So far, I have walked every day for nine days in a row. Although it’s a small accomplishment, I’m excited to see how long I can keep this walking streak going. I feel happier, more empowered, my mind is clearer. Walking has become a new stress reliever. I look forward to the walks with my dog every day and the bond that we get to have. She is always so excited, rushing down the stairs as she barks enthusiastically at me. Walking makes both of us very happy, and I can’t wait to take her on another walk tomorrow!