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Tips to Balance your Hormones in Winter 


Besides the basics of sleep and exercise, there are smaller things you can do to keep your hormones balanced as the isolating deep freeze begins to set in. It is a trifecta of food, exercise, and stress management.



  • Eating enough is the biggest thing! Your body needs even more fuel in cooler months!

  • Also, make sure to eat enough protein (20% for men, 30% for women roughly, eggs and fatty fish preferably or beans)

  • Opting for whole carbs (brown rice and quinoa VS white rice or bread)

  • Have healthy fats (avocado, nuts, olive oil)

  • Avoid sugar 

  • Swap coffee for green tea 

  • Leafy greens and root vegetables 

  • Vitamins can help supplement this



  • Try to workout outside in the sunlight once a week. Cardio works well in colder climates, but yoga or meditation is great for warmer days 

  • Set goals to keep you motivated on the dark and rainy days


Manage stress 

  • Live by a schedule: this can be a weekly/daily to do list, general big picture goals to keep in mind, or an hourly calendar 

  • Practice self care and schedule time for yourself with no commitments or responsibilities each week 

Olivia Cerretani

Stonehill '22

hi everyone! I am a junior focusing on wellness and hope my articles encourage readers to be their best selves everyday physically, mentally, and nutritionally! Be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others! Self love is the best love :)
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