The Importance of "Me Time"

It’s back to school time; gone are the carefree days of summer and back to the stress of homework and classes. With everything going on in our busy college lives sometimes it can seem difficult to find a second to relax. However, it is essential during this busy time to find a method that works to relieve the stress of college life and to keep yourself healthy.

1. SLEEP!!

I know that with countless deadlines looming over the horizon, a good night’s sleep can seem nearly impossible.  However, not getting enough sleep at night leads to being less productive during the day which will only put you behind and add to the stress that already exists.  So, finish your assignments, turn off Netflix and get some rest. 


2. Exercise

Not only does taking some time to get moving and work out help to relieve stress, it also just keeps you happier— because breaking a sweat releases endorphins A.K.A. the “happy hormone”—and healthier. It does not even have to be a crazy, hardcore workout; just going for a walk with a friend or doing some yoga and getting the body moving helps you to feel better. If nothing else, taking some time to get your mind off of everything that is stressing you out, even for just half an hour, can go a long way.

3. Organize

Give yourself a moment to sort out your dorm room, your bookbag, your desk, etc.  If your physical space is cluttered there’s a good chance that your mental space will reflect that.  Keeping your study space clean and organized leads to more effective work and study.  It also helps if you make sure to note all of your “to-dos” in a place where they are not going to get covered by clutter and can be marked off upon completion.  Sometimes simply crossing a task off of a seemingly endless list and physically seeing it get shorter can help to ease a stressed-out mind.


4. Reach Out

In the times when it feels like the weight of the world is bearing down on you and there is no way you can get everything done, remember that you are not alone.  There are plenty of people that understand what you’re going through and are available to help you, all you need to do is reach out.  You are never as alone as you think you are.  Call home, have a friend date, do something that reminds you of the people who are in your corner.  We are all rooting for you!

5. Just Breathe

Whenever you get put into high pressure situations and feel overwhelmed, your mind starts racing and everything feels completely out of control.  So, take a moment, sit down, and do nothing but breathe for at least thirty seconds.  If you are still feeling wildly overwhelmed start over then pray, meditate, speak positive affirmations, whatever you need to do to just focus on anything besides what is stressing you out.  Take this time for yourself. 


Everything is going to be just fine. You can do this! 💗