5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

By: Brianna Matias

We all work for a summer body, but it is just as important to keep yourself healthy in the winter! So many of us just bundle up and take up a permanent spot on the couch, but I’m going to give you five ways to look your best even with all the layers!


Join a Gym




Whether you’re at home or on campus, it’s always important to stay active! Joining a gym will definitely give you’re the incentive you need to get off the couch workout. You’re much more likely to get use out of something when you’re paying for it. (Many gyms even offer student discounts)!


Get Organized With Meal Prep!


As college students, we all fall into the habit of the “quick pre-class taco bell” run…but there’s an easy way to prevent this! Doing your grocery shopping during the weekend and spending a lazy Sunday cooking it up for the week will definitely break the fast food cycle!



Take Your Vitamins!!!


So many women forget how important vitamins are, especially in the winter. The brand OLLY Vitamins offers so many different types that are beneficial to college women. They have vitamins specifically for hair, skin, nails, stress, energy, and even to aid sleep! Definitely something every college student needs in their life.



Go to Some Workout Classes




Most of us hear “class” and immediately want to run, but it can actually be a really enjoyable experience! Many college campuses offer free workout classes. Some of these include Zumba, Kickboxing, and even Spin. Get a group of gal pals together and dance the night away while burning all of those calories!


Don’t Forget Your Mental Health!




While worrying about your physical health is important, it is always crucial not to forget about your mental health. We all get caught up between school and work, and often forget to take a moment and breath. This winter, practice some “self-care techniques”. Whether it is having a spa night, meditation period, or even taking a full blown mental health day, remember to take care of yourself first.