4 Best Workout Classes On Campus

Free Gym Classes on Campus For You

By: Abigail LoManto


It’s February and, let’s face it, we’re probably slacking on that “get fit” New Year’s Resolution we all made. Finding motivation to go to the gym can be especially hard in the cold winter, but St. John’s offers so many cool workout classes that’ll get you out and in great mental and physical shape!


Group workout classes are especially perfect if you usually go to the gym by yourself, if you’re stuck in the same boring routine, or if you’re new to working out! You can learn a lot of techniques and skills that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. Workout classes keep me engaged, whereas if I was working out on my own, I would be more likely to ditch when I got bored or tired.

I highly recommend heading to St. John’s Fitness Center located in the basement of Carnesecca Arena to try these classes out. Another huge pro is that they are FREE! What excuse do you have to not go now??


  1. Nighttime Theme Ride with Sydney.

Best. Class. On. Campus. This is a Spin Class where all the music each night pertains to a specific theme. The most recent class was an Ariana Grande/Rihanna battle, and past classes have included Hip Hop, EDM, and Early ‘00s Hits as the theme, just to name a few. I’m obsessed with the SoulCycle hype but with classes being priced at around $36, you really can’t go wrong with any of the spin classes at St. John’s.


HEADS UP: You’re going to have to consider getting to the class about 15-30 minutes before it starts in order to get a spot (yes, really, people will fight you!).


  1. Zumba

All the Zumba classes on campus are actually fire. Zumba with Jennifer is such an upbeat and fun class. She uses current and popular songs in her class, and her choreography is easy to learn and to love! You not only will get a cardio workout, but she incorporates a small ab workout into each class as well. Her Friday afternoon class is the perfect way to end the week! Zumba with Diana is another great Zumba class on campus, but a totally different vibe than Jen’s. Diana’s class is more of the traditional, latin-style Zumba and definitely more intense of a workout.


  1. Yoga with Theresa

This class seems to be a fan-favorite for so many students at St. John’s. Theresa offers a very relaxing yet strengthening yoga class. It’s the perfect escape from a busy day.

Great for the mind, body, and soul!


  1. Boxing with Devi

Get ready for a full-body workout with this one! After leaving Devi’s class, you’re gonna feel results. This class incorporates traditional boxing with a bag along with other choreography and toning exercises. Definitely check this class out if you like a high-intensity workout and want to improve your coordination!


All of these classes are going to leave you both sweating and smiling!


Check out @stjohnscrec on Instagram for the most recent class schedule!