Ella Everyday

Meet the girl who has introduced the world to quinoa. Deliciously Ella (also known IRL as Ella Woodward) is the food blogger taking the world by storm with: her blog, her social media presence, her bestselling cookbook Deliciously Ella, her Telegraph columns, her modelling campaign, her newly established MAE deli, and last but certainly not least, her newly released second cookbook Ella Everyday.

Like her spiralizer recipes, she truly is spiralling into stardom at the moment... and is my current girl crush. 

I was lucky enough to go to a Q & A session in Edinburgh a few weeks ago as part of her book tour. It was short and sweet, which was exactly what I was in the mood for, and St Andrews got a shout out, so it must have been good. She preaches some amazing things like the fact that it’s not compulsorary to eat kale yet IS important to MASSAGE it. Weird, but you learn something new everyday I guess.

She also has such a positive attitude towards food, acknowledging that she can’t be positive all of the time and therefore has had some dark moments concerning food, which is refreshingly honest. Ella encourages adding healthy food rather than removing unhealthy food; I think I can live by that, and so can you readers! She suggests having 'rainbow food,' in other words a spectrum of colours on your plate. The plus side... your food will always be instagramable, which as we all know is literally the DREAM. 

The evening was so much fun and incredibly inspirational, and I have already tried half the recipes in the book. Each of them is so genuinely easy and accessible regardless of your cooking ability. With that, cook on readers!