Tips to Help You De-Stress

Midterms week can be especially hard when you have spring break to look forward to. While you’re studying hard, make sure you giving your mind a break and take the time to de-stress. Check out these easy, yet productive ways to survive midterms week.


1) Color or draw.

Take the time to find a really cool pattern online and color it with some markers! It’s a great way to take your mind off things and focus on yourself!


2) Make a Spotify playlist.

With spring break coming up, make that ultimate playlist that you can listen to on your way home or on your way to the beach!


3) Go for a walk.

Yes—it’s really cold out. But still, don’t be afraid to go to the rec to walk or run out some frustrations. Or you could take this time to go explore some of the buildings on campus you’ve never been in. (Morrissey is a freaking maze. Get lost for a bit).


4) Watch an episode of your favorite show.

Borrow your roommate’s HBO account and watch a rerun of Game of Thrones. Indulge in an episode or two of New Girl. Totally your call!


5) Talk to a friend.

Sit down with one of your go-tos and just vent about what’s going on. Or maybe share some of your favorite tweets with them. Or talk about Game of Thrones. Again, your call.


6) Go to counseling.

Talking about any feelings that are negative or intense that may be springing up because of the heightened stress of midterms is a good idea too! Seeking professional may help you figure out how to manage uncomfortable thoughts or help you make a game plan, which totally helps.