Self Care Tips for the Stressed Student

We often overlook the importance of taking care of ourselves, especially in times of stress.  When we get busy, it’s really tempting to stop taking good care of our bodies so that we can cram even more time into our homework.  This isn’t a good plan, as we end up just feeling worse, and therefore doing poor work.  Here are some suggestions for how to take care of yourself in a smart, healthy way.


Go Outside

The weather has been incredible these past few days, and I hope everyone has gotten a chance to take advantage of it.  Winter can be a rough time for our bodies, as the lack of sunlight means we’re getting less vitamin D.  Go for a walk or do a workout outside to give yourself a pick me up between assignments!

Help Someone

Go volunteer or offer to help a friend study! Research shows that helping others can be really good for our mental wellbeing, so get out there and do some good! There are so many ways to get involved on campus.

Mindfulness Activities

There are so many of these on Youtube, check some of them out.  These are great because you can do one while you’re on a five or ten minute study break, and it will help you center yourself before you get back to work.

Eat Well

Chef Rick has the right idea.  Eating good food can really make you feel better.  I’m all for the “Treat Yoself” policy, but human beings were not meant to survive on ice cream and potato chips. If you’ve been feeling sick, stressed, and sad try adding some more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet, it might help.


This one seems obvious, but I know so many people who neglect sleep in favor of doing literally anything else, and it can be really bad for you.  If you’ve been pulling tons of all-nighters, give your mind and body a rest and go to sleep.

Clean Up

Living and working in a messy environment can make you feel even more stressed and overwhelmed.  Cleaning up will make you feel productive, and might just put you in the mood to start that big paper.

Wash Yourself

Being busy is hard, and really, really stressful, but it’s so important to your mental and physical wellbeing that you take the time to clean yourself.  Even if you don’t have time for a full shower in the morning, wash your face.  Feeling clean will wake you up and help you focus. 

Hang Out

Sometimes people become stressed because they haven’t had enough social time.  Take a bit of time out of your schedule to chill out with your friends. Laughter is really good for your brain, and who makes you laugh more than your friends? If you don’t have time to take a real break, get a group together to study!

Remember to take care of yourselves, Sewanee!