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7 On-Campus Resources for Stressed Students

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

It’s the week before spring break, which is a dead give-away that you’re most likely stressed. I don’t know about you, but midterm week or not, I am always stressed. Sometimes it’s school work, sometimes it’s my unplanned future and sometimes I’m just stressed because I’m stressed.

This week is self-care week here at Her Campus Scranton, and below is a list of campus resources you should check out! The great thing about these resources is that they’re all free and located on campus, which means it’s that much easier to alleviate some stress.


Where to go if you’re stressed about…


1. Getting a job after college

Lucky for you, we have an excellent Center for Career Development right here on campus. It’s located right next to the Student Health Center, so you can conveniently stop by after your next appointment- just make sure you don’t have anything that’s contagious! The career center can help you get in touch with Scranton’s incredible alumni network. They also provide services in interview training, resume writing and job search techniques. Here is the link for the Center for Career Development.


2. Paying for rent

Ever applied for a work study job? The University offers tons of work study positions, such as tutoring, giving tours, becoming a royal ambassador, helping at the tech center, and much more. All you have to do is head down to the financial aid office in St. Thomas Hall! They’ll inform you as to what positions are available, and point you in the right direction in terms of getting a job. If you’re living on campus, no worries – the money can also help pay for that super cute bodysuit you’ve been eyeing!


3. That paper

Didn’t do so hot on your last paper? Have lots of ideas (or none) and just not sure where to start? Head to Scranton’s Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) on the fifth floor of LSC! They have an awesome writing center which hires only the best to help start and review your papers. Trust me, my roommate works there and I can see how much effort she puts into making sure those papers are ‘A’ material. The CTLE also offers tutoring, reading services, online tutorials, and more.


4. Getting involved

If you feel like you’re just not doing enough or you just have a burning desire to meet some new people, check out the University’s Center for Student Engagement. The best part is: you don’t even need to get out of bed. All of Scranton’s clubs and organizations are listed right on their webpage!

5. Practicing a healthier lifestyle

Alright, so your New Year’s resolution of hitting the gym five days a week and not eating third floor DeNaples totes didn’t work out. You may have realized you’re not exactly sure what to do at the gym or how to work the machines, but that’s okay because the Center for Health Education and Wellness can help you out! They host tons of events on campus and are your number one resource for learning how to exercise and eat right. In fact, they’re in the middle of their fitness challenge which challenges students and staff to commit themselves to 150 minutes of fitness per week. While it is too late to sign up for that, you should still check out their webpage for upcoming events and services!

6. Getting back in touch with yourself

It’s incredibly easy to lose touch with yourself while trying to manage school work, a job, friends, your family, and all of life’s other responsibilities. It might be a good idea to check out some of Campus Ministries’ retreats for a weekend away from the stress. They offer religious and nonreligious retreats, so whatever you prefer, they’ll have a retreat that’s right for you!

7. Life in general

Let’s be real, everyone faces at least just a little bit of anxiety. Whether it’s a large amount or small amount, and no matter the cause, you should head to Scranton’s Counseling Center for help. It’s free counseling for all students, so why not at least give it a shot? There are so many changes happening throughout your college career, and sometimes those changes are hard to manage. Let the Counseling Center give you a hand – there’s no shame in taking care of your needs!


Sam is a sophomore at the University of Scranton studying Secondary Education in English.
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