3 Tips for Being More Mindful

What is mindfulness? It’s something we hear about more and more often, how to practice it, and the steps to take for being more mindful. But, what is it? Being mindful is by definition is the psychological process of bringing attention to the present moment. The practice of being mindful can be really helpful in general, but it has personally helped me when dealing with my anxiety. Here are some ways you can start being more mindful:

  1. Meditation 

Meditation, can be very difficult. Especially, if you are easily distracted by thoughts, roommates, or other outside distractions. I suggest doing guided meditations, there are so many to find on youtube. I usually do a 5-minute guided meditation before bed for stress and anxiety (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR57rug8NsM)


2. What Can You Control?

This tip has really helped me when struggling with anxiety. This tip is focusing on what you personally can control in that moment. If you can control the problem you’re worrying about in that moment. If you can, take steps on what you can do. If you can’t, if it’s out of your control, then let it go. This tip is much harder said than done, and it takes practice, but once you start practicing it it helps so much when you start to worry.


3. Journaling

Journaling is something that also has helped me so much. It’s so helpful with reflection on your day, and what worries you. When you start to pin down your worries, you’re able to go from there, and figure out how to solve them.


Thanks for reading! Remember these are just my tips that have helped me personally, for serious issues the Counseling Center is always available if you need assistance, and don’t be afraid to reach out to them!

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