How to Keep Working Out as Your New Year’s Resolution

It is now February, which means that it has been over a month since we all have declared ‘working out’ as our New Year’s resolution. During this time, there are always two groups: those who are still sticking to their workout plan and continuing with their gym activities, and those who have fallen and given up on going to the gym. As an avid gym-goer myself, it breaks my heart to know that some have fallen or are not as motivated to work out anymore so early on in the New Year. However, I came up with a few tips and tricks to keep these healthy resolutions, even when you want to give up.


1.     Think of the end result

When first going to the gym, it is not going to be easy. However, each time you do go and really push yourself, the next day is going to be easier. In addition to going every day, it is important to think about the end result. It takes 21 days to break a habit or to create a new one. Once you prioritize the end result and push yourself to go every day, your summer body will shine through.


2.     Set Goals

The best thing I found that was motivating was to create a set of goals and to check off each one when it was accomplished. Checking off goals is one of the most satisfying things to do, and it is motivating to see how far you have come with your goals and accomplishments. Setting goals will not only help you with this minor aspect, but will help you stay organized in the future.


3.     Do this for yourself

The most important step of them all is to remember that by working out and improving your health, it is for you and your personal benefit. You only have one body and it is better to keep that one body as healthy as possible.


Making resolutions and keeping them are hard. But, with these reminders and tips, they shouldn’t have to be. In this New Year, make it about you and your health. Don’t give up on the goals you set out on January 1st. Keep up with them and see your results and your overall well-being improve!