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9 Thoughts Everyone Has While Working Out at the Pitt Center

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

As we all know, the SHU gym is a place where the athletes, gym rats, and girls (who just like wearing workout clothes), all encounter one another. Although, it seems simple and we’re all there to complete one simple task, our minds soar during our workouts. Here are some silent thoughts most of us can relate to when working out at the Pitt Center.

1. “I really hope the athletes aren’t judging my workout. The athletes are doing a 5-minute squat while holding a 50-pound weight, and I’m walking 5 mph on the treadmill; of course they’re judging me.”


2. “Wow, I can’t tell if the athletes motivate me or make me feel bad about myself. Nope, I definitely feel bad about myself.”


3. “I hope they can’t hear what song I’m listening too..”  Because everyone has had that moment when your music so loud that you think everyone is looking at you.


4. “Why is the Stairmaster so awkwardly placed in the gym? Can I just speak to the person who thought putting the Stairmaster in the middle of the gym, and making it as elevated as the Empire State Building was a good idea? While my face is turning purple and my pit stains are growing, I really don’t want to be displayed so publicly.”


5. “Ew, that person didn’t wipe there machine down after using it. People lack basic hygiene at the gym, I really don’t want to touch that machine ever again.”


6. “Am I allowed to go into this private fitness room? I always have a fear that someone is going to kick me out of that room but I really need to the privacy so no one can judge me.”


7. “Why don’t we have a sauna? A sauna would be highly appreciated, step it up SHU.”


8. “Oh no, I think they just saw me take that Snapchat selfie.” Everyone loves mid gym selfies, until you get caught.


9. I should’ve just ran in place and did abs in my dorm room. Why do I even come here if I have this much anxiety over it?



At least, those are some of my thoughts when I get my workout on at our gym. If you don’t relate to these thoughts then you aren’t a frequent SHU gym-goer, or are clearly one of the athletes I was speaking of. However, if you did relate I can assure you that you are not alone, my friend.  

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