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3 New Treadmill Workouts That Will Rock Your World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

As we all know, running on the treadmill can be long, tiring, and usually pretty boring. However, treadmill workouts are a great way to go if you are working towards that bikini body for the summer. Here are three amazing, but different treadmill workouts for all people from beginners to advanced runners, as well as some tips to help you get through them:

Walking Hills

Difficulty: beginner

Duration: 30 min

This workout is perfect for toning those glutes! Walking on an incline also helps strengthen your whole core, because you have to work to keep your back up straight. HINT: Don’t hold on to the treadmill, pump your arms.

Time              Speed              Incline

0-5:00             3.5                   3

5-8:00             3.5                   6

8-12:00           3.5                   4

12-15:00         3.5                   8

15-19:00         3.5                   5

19-22:00         3.5                  10

22-26:00         3.5                   6

26-30:00         3.5                   4

**For a more challenging workout, increase the speed to 4 mph.


Super Cardio

Difficulty: advanced

Duration: 1 hour

This will strengthen your cardiovascular system, which will increase your overall health. There is nothing like long duration cardio for getting rid of the extra flab on your tummy!

Time              Speed              Incline

0-10:00          3.5 – 4.5            2

10-15:00         7                      6

15-25:00         5                      4

25-30:00         7                      6

30-40:00         5                      4

40-45:00         7                      6

45-60:00         3.5 – 4.5           2

* For a more challenging workout try to sprint at speed 8 (incline 0) for the last minute of each cycle.

Sprint-Cardio Intervals

Difficulty: intermediate

Duration: 15 min

This workout will give you the best of both worlds: high cardio and tones leg muscles!

Time              Speed              Incline

0:00-5:00        5                      1

4:00-5:00         7.5                   3

5:00-6:00         5.5                   1

6:00-7:00         8.5                   3

7:00-8:00         6                      1

8:30-9:00        10                    3

9:00-9:30         5.5                  1

9:30-10:00      9.5                   3

10:00-15:00     5                     1


Tips for surviving the treadmill:

  • Distract yourself! Most gyms now have TVs in front of the treadmills, and some treadmills even have TVs built into them. Watching a show is a great way to pass the time without even realizing that you have been working out at the same time. You could also try listening to music. A few songs later, and you are already almost done with your workout!
  • Hydrate! Drink water (or sports drinks). Lots of it! Before, during, and after your workout. It is important to drink water to replace what you are losing through sweat. Also, drinking water helps to prevent cramps while running.
  • Workout with a partner! Doing workouts at the same time as a friend can help motivate you to finish the workout. If they don’t stop, you won’t want to either. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.
  • Cover the screen! If you know you have at least ten minutes before changing intervals, try to avoid looking at the screen. Watching the clock will only make the time feel so much slower. A watched pot never boils!


  • Stretch before and after! It is important for you to stretch before starting your workout in order to prevent injury. Not stretching can lead to strains and sprains. Pulled muscles can be both painful and annoying. Plus, these injuries will impede your ability to work out until they are fully healed.
  • Keep your hands off the machine! Try to limit the amount of time you hold onto the treadmill with your hands. This will give you the best possible results.
  • Know your abilities! Don’t try to go to fast. If a workout calls for a certain speed that may be too fast for you, just decrease the speed to fit your needs. Similarly, if a workout is too easy for you, you can still do that same workout at a higher incline or faster pace.
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