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Here’s How to Finally Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

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Many of us have planned on getting in shape and setting fitness goals repeatedly without much success. This can happen due to several factors. Incorporating some of the suggestions below into your daily routine can help you build healthy habits and achieve your goal!

Start slow and build habits

A common mistake people make when getting into shape is going from 0-100 overnight. They work out multiple times a day while eating clean and overwhelm themselves with changes that don’t last and lead to burnout. The key is to change your lifestyle and take it slow. If you never workout, start with one to two days a week of light exercise and build it from there. Do what you think is realistic with your fitness level and schedule.

Make a tracker to motivate yourself

Having a tracker that displays how many days you have exercised and how many calories you have burned can be very motivating. When you are on a streak and are exercising regularly, it reminds you to be proud of your consistency, determination and achievement, while motivating you to keep going. This tracker can be done on paper, on a spreadsheet, a digital note, in your calendar or even on a habit or fitness tracking app.

Switch it up

A common approach to getting in shape is purchasing a gym membership with a plan to attend classes to motivate you. This definitely works for some, but not all. Many people have gym memberships that they continuously pay for but never use. This leads to guilt over the money lost and feelings of failure that you have not achieved your goal. A different approach to getting in shape can be spending more money up front to work with a personal trainer who sets a fitness plan for you and teaches you how to do exercises with proper form. These can be with or without equipment – whatever suits your liking. Once you know how to do a couple of exercises properly, you may feel more motivated to do them consistently.

Find workouts you enjoy

This is a necessary part of sticking to your fitness goals. You have a much higher chance of completing the activity if you enjoy doing it. Whether it be boxing, pilates, dancing, jumping rope or on a trampoline—anything that gets your heart pumping and your body moving.

Set a certain time everyday to workout

Developing a routine can be vital to achieving and maintaining your fitness goals. Ensure you do a workout at the same time every day. This mitigates the possibility of you putting aside your workout until later in the day and possibly forgetting about it.

Make it easier for yourself 

A common barrier to exercising––especially after you’ve had a busy day––is the discipline needed to start a workout. Try setting out workout clothes beforehand, cleaning your space so that it is ready to go, making a workout playlist and having some workout videos saved.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

When we don’t achieve a goal, it can be hard to get back on track after feelings of failure—especially when it’s a goal that you have been trying to achieve for a long time. Don’t be too hard yourself. It can definitely work against you. Accept that sometimes life interferes with plans and get right back into it as soon as you can. Don’t fall into the “next week I’ll start again” trap or put it off until it “feels right.” Be proud of yourself for the effort and determination you have put in so far and keep at it!

Just because a goal you have had in the past does not pan out does not mean it never will. Firmly following the suggestions above is sure to help you get––and stay––on the road to self-improvement.

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