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Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways to Clear Your Head this Season

It’s easy to forget that spring only just started when we’ve been enjoying the 80º weather here in Florida for the past few weeks. Now that it’s official, it’s the perfect time to get that spring cleaning done, not just for your messy dorm room but for your mind as well. With finals just around the corner, it’s full steam ahead for the rest of the semester. It’s important to set aside time for self-care and declutter your mind of excess stress and worries. 

A Clear Space Makes for a Clear Mind. 

Unpack the suitcase that’s been on your floor since you got back from break, do your laundry, make your bed, etc. Your dorm room is your safe space. Our environment has a lot of impact on our mood and a messy room only makes for more stress.

Practice Meditation.

Sometimes we need to put a pause on our thoughts and take a break. There are many great guided meditations on Spotify and Youtube or you can meditate on your own. Take a few minutes to yourself to slow down and focus on your breath.

Write it Down! Start a Journal.

You can only hold so many thoughts at one time before your head starts to hurt. Clear some of that clutter by writing it out. This is a good way to make some sense of the worries and concerns that have been weighing you down. You can write your thoughts down and essentially bookmark them for later.

Avoid burnout during this spring season by taking time to clear your head. Be kind to your mind.

Sam is a Freshman at Rollins College from Langhorne, PA with a love for all things Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. She is pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing.
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