• Top 5 Most Bizarre Finds on Etsy

    We all know and love Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage items. Opening an Etsy shop can be a great way to earn a little...

  • Finals Procrastination Playlist

    It’s me again, here to give you some A+ song recommendations to help distract you from your finals *cough* I mean, help you focus and study...

  • Campus Cuties Pets

    Meet Presley! Owners: Erin Hisey & Virginia Ariail What is your pet’s name? Presley Raiford Hisey-Ariail -- we wanted a solid Memphian...

  • An Open Letter to Women of Color

    Dear women of color We must see the possibility amongst ourselves Please I beg you, disregard everything that has become normal You are...

  • Campus Cuties: Pets

    Meet Chicken Nugget! Owners: KK Slatten, Colleen Mullaney, Morgan Wilkins, Claire Carr 1. What is your pet’s name? Nugget: We were trying...

  • Campus Cutie: Bennett Notestine '17

    Name: Bennett Notestine Year: 2017 Hometown: Houston, TX Campus Involvement: ATO, Baseball HCR: If you could replace one of your arms with anything, what would it be? BN: A prosthetic arm that's always in a dab.

  • Things I'll Miss at Rhodes: Parking

    Throughout these four years, one of my greatest joys has been the parking experience. The endless number of free spaces and complete absence of competition is unparalleled.

  • Senior Week Schedule is Out!

    For all you seniors (and maybe some of you juniors, if of age), the release of the Senior Week schedule is quite an anticipated one. A...

  • Things I’ll Miss at Rhodes: Rat Breakfast

    As a wide-eyed, innocent freshman seeking nourishment and community, you may find yourself trapezing to the Rat for every single meal. A couple weeks in—or a couple days—you may realize the Rat isn’t for you…at least for some meals. But I think most everyone can agree that Rat breakfast is something given to us by the Breakfast Gods themselves.

  • Style Icon: Olivia Glenn '18

    The style icon for this week is Olivia Glenn '18, the mastermind behind andlivloves.wordpress.com. I've always admired Olivia for having...


    I spy Loflin 2.0….Railgarten! Located on Cooper and Central (across the street from Urban Outfitters), this new Memphis diner/ping pong bar...

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