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Fall semesters are like new years resolutions.

Fall semesters are like new years resolutions. 

School is starting. Yes, it’s time for the fall semester. The only that semester gives you a fresh start all over again.  Are you ready for it? 

No matter what grade I’m entering, I find that fall semesters are the most exhilarating. You’re starting new classes with new professors and friends, you might have a new living situation, a new set of responsibilities, and definitely a new grade level (moving on up my friends!). Now, it is time to get all your ducks in a row. Had trouble last semester? No matter. You had an entire summer to relax and regroup.  This year you’ll spring back! This semester you’ll do all the things you couldn’t do last semester, such as make a healthy breakfast every morning, journal nightly for wellness, maintain a social life, and manage all those school assignments in a handy planner. New semester = a new you!

But, hold up.  With this fresh start, many feel pressured to change or create the perfect version of themselves. Yet, this isn’t always feasible. Beware: fresh starts to fall semesters are like New Years resolutions- meaning you may have good intentions at the start but you don’t always follow through. Students go into fall semesters with really high expectations of themselves and soon find their new practices start to disintegrate.  Within a month or so, you’ll remember why you weren’t able to do everything perfectly last semester. That new cooking breakfast every morning ideal will result in grabbing a granola bar for the car ride. The nightly journaling will be skipped to gain an extra 30 min of much-needed sleep. I don’t say this to discourage you because honestly it’s not your fault! School is hard. Life balance is even harder. Although fall semesters are a great time to start new practices, it doesn’t mean all of them have to stick.  It also doesn’t mean the beginning of the semester is the only time you can make life changes. You can make them anytime. You can prioritize health when you need and school when you need.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that balance doesn’t always mean time shared equally among my life areas (school/professional life, family/friends, my own health, creativity, mindfulness). Rather, it is a  bit of a sliding scale situation. Some weeks I need to prioritize school, while others I need to prioritize my health. Time can be divided among all the sections, but just because I can’t dedicate an equal amount of time to each all the time, doesn’t mean they are ignored entirely. So, as you enter your fall semester, focus on that new enthusiasm and excitement for school because, to me, that is what’s really important.  Why? Because you have a long semester ahead. You are ready for it, but don’t get disappointed in yourself if you slack off on a few of your new life practices. Try your best, expect hard times, and prioritize that balancing act.

Hey! I'm Maya. I'm a sophomore at Rhodes College, a biology major, and art history minor. I love hiking, cozy sweatshirts, crafting, and stress baking. Catch me boppin' between coffee shops and writing little articles!
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