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iTried Spaghetti Tacos 

In 5-4-3-2…. I know you see Spaghetti + Taco and wonder… what’s that?! I give you: a spaghetti taco. It’s all for real.  Maybe it’s because Covid has had me trapped in the house for too long. Maybe it’s because I’m low on food items? Or maybe, it’s because I’m fulfilling a childhood dream of finally getting to taste the iconic spaghetti taco from the TV show iCarly. Either way, I wrote a review on the experience. So enjoy. 

The reference:

Your first question, like a normal person, should probably be: Why? Why did these two mediocre food groups get combined together? The spaghetti taco was originally seen within the Nickelodeon TV show iCarly. This show is based around a teenage girl who films a Web show with her friend. The girl is raised by her older brother who, as a responsible guardian, invents a dish perfect for the dinner rush: The Spaghetti Taco. In the show, he claims that the idea came about one night when he couldn’t decide whether he should have spaghetti or tacos for dinner. So, naturally, they combined both. 

What episodes are they from: 

 Spaghetti tacos make many mini appearances throughout the series. However, here is a shor tlist of some of the best episodes to introduce you to the topic of Spaghetti tacos. Worth a google for sure. 

  1. iCook

  2. iPie 

  3. iWill Date Freddie

My cooking experience: 

I’m no chef. But, I do have some experience in the kitchen. I can make spaghetti, and I can make tacos. So, this seemed to be in my wheelhouse. First, boil water and plop some pasta in it. Let that cook for a bit.  Meanwhile, make the sauce. And by make, I mean open up a jar of pre-made spaghetti sauce and warm it on the stove. Disappointed in that choice? Come on, what about this recipe screams homemade/effort?! Mix the cooked pasta and warm sauce together. For the tacos: buy some shells and put them in the oven at 325 degrees. Now for the fun part.  Take your taco and spoon some spaghetti into it.  The cooking part is pretty simple, but the eating part is where it gets tricky. It requires skill. The goal is to eat it without the pasta falling out of the taco. It may take some getting used to, but I believe in you. 


Now for the big question? How does it taste?  This is a question we’ve been wondering about for a while, and I think it’s about time someone reported on it. It tastes fine. Really. It’s exactly what you’d expect. The spaghetti and taco don’t really mix together. They just stay separate. The noodles are saucy and the taco provides a nice crunch. Together, it makes for a fun way of eating dinner. So was it worth it? 100% It was fun, nostalgic, and not a bad dinner. 

Next level: 

Of course, there’s a way you can amp this up. The spaghetti taco is just the foundation. Hungry Girl actually made a leveled-up recipe that includes Mexican spices, ground beef, onions, lettuce, and cheese. Here’s the recipe if you are interested: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ihungry-spaghetti-tacos-recipe-1925944 

Additionally, there is a dessert version of this taco. It’s made with brownie mix, frosting, and strawberry preserves.  Although I have researched this recipe, I can’t find a solid one to share. But I can imagine you fill the taco with baked brownie, frost it, and drizzle some preserves over the top. Boom. A choco-taco. 

These are just suggestions. But, you can totally get creative! I don’t think there are any limits to the spaghetti taco idea.  Carly’s brother supplied us with a good foundation. It works as a good quick dinner satisfier. You of course have the ability to make it something great. So get creative! My plan is to try, hear me out on this one, a spaghetti burrito. Think about it. You can add more sauce and many toppings. You may cringe at these weird flavor combos, but remember what we are talking about here. We are talking about using a spaghetti taco as a base. It’s unconventional at its core. So have fun with it!




Hey! I'm Maya. I'm a sophomore at Rhodes College, a biology major, and art history minor. I love hiking, cozy sweatshirts, crafting, and stress baking. Catch me boppin' between coffee shops and writing little articles!
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