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Ask Scarlett: How to prepare for grad school exams

“Just started dating this guy (nothing defined yet). We’re pretty into each other, introduced me to his friends, but his birthday is coming up and I’m not sure if to get him something? I do like this one:) “

First of all, love that you’ve found a guy you like! 

Second of all, getting him something small would be a great way to show you care without revealing your feelings just yet. Maybe something like a cupcake from Muddy’s, a $5 gift card, or a bottle of… lemonade?

Best of luck!


“Hi Scarlett, I’m planning on taking the GRE this summer, but with classes and work, I honestly have no clue how to prepare or where to even start. What do you suggest?”

Hi anonymous, it’s great that you’re thinking about a study plan, that’s always the first step. My first piece of advice would be to set up a meeting with Rhodes’ Career Services so that you can put together a plan that works best for you and your schedule, they’re awesome over there and super supportive! Then, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of studying on top of all of your other school and extracurricular work, taking small chunks out of your day to study a little will do wonders for your nerves, will provide some guidance on what to focus on for longer study sessions, and will prevent the need to cram the week before the exam. Even if it’s just a few minutes before going to bed, short study sessions over a long period of time will really pay off when it’s time to test. 

Happy studying, you’ll do great!


“I’m just so over the Rhodes housing process and am looking to move off-campus. Any advice on how to find people to live with and a place to move into?”

The best way to figure out off-campus housing is to decide who you’d like to live with first (or if you’d prefer to live alone), then determine a budget and length of lease, discuss everyone’s personal needs in a living space, and finally, look for a place that fits everyone’s needs together. NextDoor, AirBnB, Zillow, and Apartments.com are just a few places that can provide current listings.

If you’re looking for potential roommates, the Rhodes Exchange facebook group is usually full of Rhodes students looking for folks to join their housing groups, take over their leases, or sublet. 

Hope this helps!



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