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Getting Back to the Gym

Getting back to the gym after starting a new semester can be a bit difficult. In the beginning of a new semester things can be a bit hectic whether you’re a freshman,sophomore, junior or senior. The first few weeks of the semester are often filled with adding classes, dropping classes, getting involved in clubs, and let’s be honest, partying. However, a couple weeks into the semester things are settling down. So, we all know what that means… It’s time to get back in the gym. 

How do you motivate yourself to make this big move, you ask well I’m here to help with five guidelines to get you motivated! 


Evaluate Your Schedule

Before you can even start going to the gym and focusing on work outs, you need to figure out when you’re available to go. Sit down and think about this carefully, but remember, you don’t have to go to the gym every single day. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or your body! 


Nourish Your Body Properly 

Before going to the gym at anytime, you always want to make sure that your hydrated and have eaten beforehand. Not eating or hydrating before the gym will make your body feel sluggish and you won’t perform at your full physical potential. While it is important to eat before the gym, that doesn’t mean you should stuff a Big Mac down your throat right before working out. Eat something that is at least mildly healthy before the gym even if its just and energy or oatmeal bar. Make sure to hydrate with your drink of choice during your workouts as well.


Select a Workout Plan

So, this is the fun/exciting part, but can also be difficult. Have a specific workout plan every time you go to the gym. Don’t just do random exercises, target a specific body part like arms or legs and start there. Everyone is different and some workouts don’t vibe with every body type so, take your time and research to find some workouts that you’d like to try. You’ll only know what workouts you like and dislike through trial and error. Follow some fitness pages on social media and take some workout inspiration from there just make sure its an actual fitness guru!


Tell a Friend or Bring a Friend

While you don’t want to become too dependent on having friends around to be able to workout, when first starting to go back to the gym during the new semester, things can be a bit intimidating. Also if this is your first time really going to the gym at all, things can be super intimidating. So, bring a friend with you if you’d like. Also make sure you tell someone about your workout goals and aspirations (but, don’t be obnoxious about it) this way someone can hold you accountable for your goals.

Remember Why You’re Doing This and Have Fun! 

Make sure you’re getting in the gym for the right reasons. Don’t start working out just because you’re attempting to look like some celebrity or Instagram model. If you go to the gym for these reasons your fitness goals won’t last. Work out FOR YOU and have your own workout goals. Don’t compare your progress or body to others. 


Improving and maintaining your health and wellness is super important even when you’re super busy with classes. As college students, our schedules are always hectic and rapidly changing, so don’t beat yourself up if you have to skip a day or two to get work done. Just stay as consistent as possible and always have fun! 

With the simple guidelines you’ll be back in the gym feeling motivated and ready to work out in no time! Get going and get working, collegiettes! 


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