Yoga Isn't Just for a Yogi

Yoga sometimes is stereotyped and often thought about as only for health gurus or middle aged women. This is not the case at all. Since coming to school and having a roommate who does yoga often as a way to relieve stress and relax and stretch out, I have changed my views. With the right exercises or YouTube video, yoga can be found to be a very relaxing activity that often focuses on breathing and relaxation.

With my personal experience, when I’m having a busy week and lots of tests or projects and need to relieve some stress, a quick 15 minute video can do just the trick. Some yoga instructors out there have videos dedicated to accomplishing a certain task such as stress relief or targeting your core, this can be very helpful for those who aren’t exactly sure what they need. Also, I have found that videos are more convenient than actually going to a studio for a workout simply due to  convenience, but that is just a personal opinion. Sometimes going to a dedicated location  in order to do an activity allows for better concentration, especially if you need a break from studying or something and want to get out of your dorm room, a studio may be preferred.

Yoga does more than just provide a study break for some people. For those who do it daily, they are improving their health in multiple ways. According to, yoga can help make you happier, improve your posture, help you focus and reduce stress. While breathing is an important part of yoga, it can help those who get anxiety or other conditions that raise blood pressure.

Since coming to college and not doing yoga very much before, I don’t have the same conceptions about it that I used to because I worked it into my everyday life and it helped reduce my stress. You don’t have to jump right into advanced poses but start with what you’re comfortable with and what meets your flexibility level. Yoga can improve a stressful day, it can improve medical conditions and can improve physical conditions. For those who are still stuck against yoga, give it a try and see the difference it makes.  


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