HCPS Behrend: Revenge Body

We ALL know who the Kardashian's are (whether you think that is a good or bad thing), and when Khloe Kardashian started her new show "Revenge Body" the public took notice. Basically, she began a killer diet and workout plan to obtain her "revenge body" and show everyone who used to make negative comments about her appearance just how good she really looks. Now with all the hype about this new show a few of our writers wanted to give it a try for themselves (some more successful than others):


1. I really tried sticking to this challenge. What I had planned on doing was both the diet and the workout plan, because I told myself I was committed and I was ready to start making healthier choices in my life, but then I got the plague a cold and I couldn’t make it out of bed early in the morning and all of a sudden all I was craving were carbs. So I gave myself some time to rest, get my defenses back up and give this another shot… And then I got sick… again. I have to give Khloe Kardashian a lot of respect for being so disciplined with her routine, because man, oh man, it’s a tough one. I’m not here to excuse myself, because after a while I didn’t want to get up early/pass up my morning bagel and I would tell myself I needed to rest, that it wasn’t normal to have a cold for 3 weeks straight/keep getting sick. So this week I tried giving it a shot, which worked for the first 3 days or so, but then I found myself without energy and having insane cravings. Now, I think maybe if I would’ve stuck to the restricted-carb diet, maybe I would’ve gotten used to it, but in all honesty I love carbs and carbs love me. I also did a little research and found out that: a) quitting cold turkey on something I was used to eating everyday, at least twice a day, would backfire and b) carbs aren’t the enemy, refined sugar is the enemy. But that’s a whole other topic that would require more detail from me to you. Anyways, the other thing I realised was that I was being a little too harsh on myself because despite that yes, I do want/need to lose weight, I have to learn how to crawl before I walk, meaning I have to fix one unhealthy habit at a time. So far I’ve been pretty good at walking/jogging for 30 minutes before class every morning and I think that’s what I’m going to stick to for at least one more week or so. Even glamazon Khloe Kardashian didn’t wake up one day and become who she is now. She took baby steps. And so will I.


2. At first glance, the Revenge Body workout looked like a cake walk. With me being an average gym goer, the workout didn't seem it to be too challenging. However, after the first circuit I realized I completely underestimated the workout. It absolutely kicked my butt and gave me a full body workout. Normally when I go to the gym I do a lot of cardio and ab workouts. The Revenge Body workout had me working me entire body. One area that was very helpful was the lifting portion. It helped my string bean arms and added some toning to my muscles. I was pleasantly surprised to see the results. I will definitely be adding some of these routines into my workout regimen!


3. I started off my week by jumping right in and not eating any fries or junk food that I would normally eat, or at least not as much. I made an effort to eat more veggies and fruit and less bread and pizza. Of course I had some bad days but I still made an effort and got the pizza with veggies on it. I cut back on eating chocolate and replaced it with yogurt and parfaits. After I started to eat better, I saw a positive change in my attitude and energy level. Overall it was definitely hard and I will still make an effort to stick to it, but will treat myself too. While it’s good to be healthy, everyone needs some balance. I would recommend at least trying this so people can see the difference the food we eat makes on us and our bodies - and Khloe Kardashian definitely makes it look easier than it is.


4. There is no doubt that Khloe Kardashian puts people to work in her new Revenge Body show. Personally, before trying Revenge Body I had been doing some pretty intense workouts for one hour, six days a week for a month. I carefully watched the video to ensure I was completing it correctly, and then went through the motions for one week. The workout itself only took me about 30 minutes to complete, which is less than I normally do. Therefore, I stayed an extra 30 minutes in the gym each time. I loved some of the workouts so much that I continue them in my daily routine. Overall, Revenge Body is a great workout for beginners, but I do not personally think it will get the perfect summer body that everyone wishes for. A tip from me would be to complete the workout twice in one session to fill up an entire hour at the gym. Also, indulging in the prescribed “low-carb” diet will help show significant results. These extra steps will allow for better and faster results!


Our writers did this challenge as a way to move towards healthy lifestyles and see what they can implement into their daily lives to do so. Don't forget to love your body, but more importantly love yourself as well.

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