Feel the Burn-Out

It's about that time in the semester. That time where your gas tank of motivation is on empty and your stress level is higher than your college debt. You are one more exam away from losing it.  You are: burned out.

Specifically, you are facing what is known as burnout.  The term burnout refers to aphysical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.  What’s interesting is that no one ever really talks about college students’ mental health throughout the semester.  

Collegiettes, it’s an understatement to say that we juggle a lot in our lives.  We are constantly trying to manage our time between studying, work, organizations, friends, eating and sleep.  Some get prioritized higher than others.  This then causes things to slip through the cracks. College has the ability of taking its toll on and overwhelming us. Thankfully, there are some signs that can indicate if you are on the brink of a burnout.  


1. You have no motivation


2. You are exhausted (even more so than usual)



3. You feel busier than Chipotle on a rush hour


4. Your anxiety has you feeling like a shaken soda bottle that someone opened too soon...

5. You feel like you need to get away





If you’ve found that your feelings correlate with the signs, know that everything is going to be okay.  You are not alone.  I’ll have you all know that I too am facing a burnout.  Unfortunately, it took me a while to realize it.  You see, I try to be that girl who is always strong, someone who people can confide in and is able to manage any stress that gets thrown at her.  However, I found that my strength was slipping, trying to help others was taking a toll on me emotionally, and my stress was consuming me. Soon enough, my anxiety and stress got the best of me and I found myself facing a burnout. Luckily, I found necessary steps to take to help with recovering from burnout:


  • Go home if you can

If you have the ability to go home, go! You would be surprised by how much a change in scenery can affect you.  If you can’t go home just yet, hang on, Thanksgiving break is almost here!


  • Talk to someone

Have a chat with someone who you trust: whether it be with a family member, friend, or counselor.  Speak up! If you bottle up your worries, it will only lead to another panic attack down the road.


  • Get some sleep

Everyone needs their beauty sleep. We can’t function without it.  Catch up on some zzz’s to help improve your spirits and your mind.


  • Try to relax

I know, this may be the hardest thing out of all of the tips because college stops for no one.  However, if you set aside some time to do something you find soothing or comforting, then do it! If it’s taking a yoga class or lighting a lavender candle, do it!



    Feeling the burn-out is real.  We are in a crucial and challenging period of our lives.  There are bound to be times where we feel like life is overwhelming. Fortunately, we have ways to manage it all until we can officially take a break from college.  Hold on Collegiettes, we are going home...soon!


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