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Stressed? How Do You Cope With It?

This article was written by Faith Kazmierczak

For Point Park Junior, Ethan Steinberg and Senior, Nicole Keilman, when faced with stressful times in the semester, they like to drop everything, relax, and take a nap, before returning to responsibilities.

Point Park Junior, Kenny Sickles likes to cope with his stress by taking a trip to the gym and pumping off some steam.

Chandler Bingham, Point Park junior has an interest in yoga and likes to focus on the different chakras when faced with stressful times.

Many college students are faced with stressful times throughout the semester because of work loads and all the responsibilities that come with being a student. While some students know how to cope with stress, many shut down in stressful situations which in return, makes stressful times harder. There are many different ways to cope with stress.

“Yoga is a great stress reliever because it allows you to cover each chakra and become more in touch with how you are feeling” said Bingham.

A recent study by the National College Health Assessment shows that 30% of students reported that stress had a negative on their academic performance and 85% had felt overwhelmed over the span of the semester. Many students find that stress is a part of the college experience.

As individuals who get stressed rather easily, Steinberg and Keilman have similar ways of dealing with their stress. Steinberg says, “I need to take a break. I need to shut down everything I am doing, take a nap, and take a bath. I find doing these these things help me out a lot during stressful moments in the semester.” Steinberg believes that the best way for students to cope with stress is to focus on one thing at a time rather than thinking about everything you have to get done. To stay on top of things in stressful situations, Keilman states, “I make many to-do lists, make sure to follow them, and try my best not to procrastinate.”

Many find that physical activity plays a huge role in coping with stress. For Sickles, he finds himself managing stress by also taking one thing at a time. He believes that students become stressed because of the pile up of work from multiple classes, so he says having another activity you can focus on outside of school, can really help with managing stress. “I go to the gym. The gym is my time alone and when I’m stressed, it makes me feel so much better” said Sickles.

For Bingham, she finds that the best way to cope with stress is by meditating and doing yoga. It allows her to escape from the madness that is going on around her and focus in on herself. “I like to do yoga and cover each chakra because it allows you to relieve stress through your mind, body, and soul and it allows you to relax and refocus” said Bingham. She highly recommends that others meditate and do yoga when faced with stressful times.

Next time you are stressed, how will you cope with it?

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