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How To Get In Shape While In College

It’s the New Year. You’ve probably made your resolutions by now, and there’s a 90% chance it’s the same one you’ve made for the last 5 years: get in shape. And let me guess, you’ve already had at least ten cheat days since the New Year (especially with all of those holiday leftovers).

Getting in shape is a tough endeavor, especially in college. Between a packed schedule, quick junk food being readily available, and Millie’s ice cream being right up the block, it almost seems impossible to stay in shape or even be healthy. However, I have some easy health tips that might help you start achieving your goals!

1. Start your day with water: Water is vital to any life process. Overnight, your body becomes dehydrated, which is partially why it’s so hard to “wake up.” So, instead of starting your day with coffee or checking your social media, drink a glass of water. This will not only help you feel better and hydrated in the morning, but will actually boost your metabolism for the day.

2. Take the stairs: I know, I know… the dreaded stairs of Point Park University. But hear me out: taking the stairs actually has a lot of benefits. From a health standpoint, even just going down the stairs will help you burn 5 calories per minute. That’s 5 times more than you will burn on the elevator. Additionally, taking the stairs will absolutely help tone your legs. You know what that means? ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR SUMMER BODY! Also, besides health, walking down the stairs is FASTER. Compared to the elevators, there is no waiting and you can go as fast as you want. It will definitely get you to class on time if you are in a rush.

3. Eat breakfast: A lot of students think that skipping breakfast will save them time and also save calories that they can eat later. However, breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. By eating breakfast in addition to drinking water first thing in the morning, you will jumpstart your metabolism for the day and break the fast that you go into while you sleep (hence Break-Fast). Also, eating something healthy first thing in the morning will help you feel better throughout your day and put you on the right track for eating healthy later in the day!

4. Get into a routine: Your body needs a routine. Simple as that. By waking up and going to bed the same time everyday, your body will be put under less stress, stress that prevents it from performing processes such as breaking down food.

5. Go to bed: SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP! This is one of the most, if not the most, important item on this list. Your body needs rest in order to decompress from the day, reset itself, and prepare to do it all over again. Therefore, you need to get at least 7 hours of sleep. And trust me, you will not feel as tired for that 8 a.m. the next day.

6. Reserve “you” time: Between eating healthy and going to the gym, please remember that reserving “you” time is a part of rest. Maybe for you, this means reading a book, taking a walk, or meditation. Whatever it may be, please just remember to have some time to decompress.

7. Explore the city: What’s the biggest form of exercise? Walking. What’s the best way to walk? Exploring the city! Exploring the city is such a fun way to exercise because it does not feel like exercising when you are looking around town with friends for that great new coffee shop (or vegan restaurant if we must). So grab some friends and explore! Remember: you can exercise and have fun simultaneously!

Probably not what you were expecting! Now you know you can get healthy without going to the gym and eating a crazy fad diet. Just remember: being healthy will make you happier. If you make these lifestyle changes, I can guarantee you will have a happier New Y


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