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The 5 Best YouTubers to Get You Moving Around

Has quarantine completely shattered your motivation to get up from bed and move around willingly? 

If you’ve answered yes to the above question, please don’t worry. You’re not alone. Having struggled to move around myself and avoiding to exert any physical force that wasn’t considered a necessity such as eating and sleeping, I found five women who made working out fun, new and exciting. From dancing around in a room to intense walking marathons, the YouTubers listed below are great for anyone who needs to find their motivation again or who might be wanting to change up their routine.

So let’s begin our list of Youtube fitness influencers who might be the fitness guru for you! 


MadFit, her real name being Maddie Lymburner, has about 5.31 million subscribers and rightfully so. From her at-home beginner videos to her intense HIIT workouts to her fun dance sessions, MadFit gives her subscribers a plethora of workout options. Although I prefer her dancing workouts, her HIIT workouts are perfect for those who want to “feel the burn” in just a few minutes. Having faced the intense Youtube workout trend that occurred during quarantine over the last year, and tried the multiple YouTubers that people were recommending left and right on social media (and dying because I hadn’t worked out for about five months), MadFit is one of the few who has still stuck for me. If you’re stuck and haven’t been able to pull yourself out of bed, like me over the summer, MadFit is the perfect person to get you started and moving around.

Bailey Brown 

Abs. Legs. Arms. Ms. Bailey Brown has got it all for you. 

With her short five to ten minute videos, Bailey Brown works you out in just enough time to make you feel something, without making you want to collapse on the floor and never move again (hi Ms. Chloe Ting…you were killing me over quarantine). Her videos allow you to choose just how much you want to work out, without committing to a 30 minute video and feeling discouraged when you find yourself struggling to get past the first ten minutes. In my opinion, Bailey Brown is great for those who are struggling to work out. And having been in that position (sometimes still in that position), Bailey Brown is a perfect start to getting yourself moving. She’s motivating, encouraging, aesthetically pleasing (the beach and her outfits just make you wish you were at the coast at times) and most of all, challenges you without making you feel weak. 

Not a fan of a thirty minute workout? That’s fine. Ms. Bailey Brown has got a bunch of sweet five minute workouts in store for you. Enjoy your day at the beach!

Pamela Reif 

If you’ve been on TikTok at all during quarantine, scrolling through the countless transformation videos people were posting over the summer, making the rest of us feel lazy and unproductive as they went on and on about their favorite workout videos that we finally tried a month later, then you have to have heard of Pamela Reif. A YouTube fitness icon with almost 6 million subscribers, Pamela Reif doesn’t play around in her videos. I remember the first time I tried one of her videos. I gave up five minutes in. 

Although Pamela Reif’s workouts are considered intense, she also has beginner-friendly workout videos, wonderful for people like me who barely got up from their bed over quarantine; these work you out but don’t have you dying one minute into the video (some of her more intense videos did that to me). Her channel is filled with videos catering to different levels of intensity, so whenever you think one workout is a little too easy, Pamela Reif has got another to challenge you once more. It’s not often when I say thank you TikTok, but for introducing Pamela Reif to me, I’ll say it: thank you, TikTok. 


Holly Dolke 

The first video I ever did of Holly Dolke’s was her “1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense)” and immediately I was hooked. Did I die the first time I did her video? Yes. Did I struggle to get up from my bed the next day because my stomach was in so much pain from sleeping all day and doing her ab workouts? Yes. But was I getting results and starting to feel better about myself? Also yes. Not only does she have a video that targets almost anything you can think of, but she also gives her subscribers a variety of videos to choose from. Not in the mood for the usual HIIT workouts? Holly’s got an intense indoor walking workout to help you feel the burn without jumping around the house. Want to change up your usual cardio? Holly has a jump-roping video that is perfect for beginners. 

If you can’t tell, Holly Dolke has got it all. And she’s definitely someone you want to keep on your YouTube workout playlist. 

Yoga with Adriene

Although cardio, dance and HIIT workouts are wonderful ways to get yourself moving, sometimes the best way is getting a mat, stretching your body and just letting yourself breathe. Adriene, catering to almost ten million subscribers, understands that sometimes the body just needs to let go of itself and relax, and she makes tons of yoga videos for her viewers. Her channel is perfect for those who wish to get into yoga, as many of her videos cater to beginners. However, if you ever feel like you need a challenge, Adriene’s “Yoga for Weight Loss” will definitely prove to you that yoga can also get hot and sweaty. 

Also, if you’re facing back problems or neck problems (or if you’re aging really fast like I am because I swear I have a back of a ninety-year-old), Adriene has got you with her library of videos for relieving stress on the back, shoulders and neck. Considering we’re all hunched over our desks, staring into the oblivion of our computers, we could all use some of Adriene’s tips and tricks for relieving pain and stress. 

Working out is a struggle. Working out during a pandemic? Well, now it’s five times as difficult. But if you find yourself needing the motivation to workout without being discouraged, the five women above are perfect places to start. From their beginner-friendly workouts to their intense cardio or yoga, the women above will push you and encourage you to keep on going. Whether you want to work out by the beach with Bailey Brown or dance around in MadFit’s studio or meditate in Adriene’s living room, these women have got you and your workout routine under control.

Kavya is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and pursuing an Economics-Math dual major alongside with a Creative Writing minor. She's also a part of Dhirana, Collision Literary Magazine and Women in Economics. Besides scrolling through tik tok, she loves reading, writing, the daily Netflix binges, and hanging out with friends.
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