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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pepperdine chapter.

It’s that time of year. There are two weeks until graduation and lots to get done before then — including Finals. So as we approach a week that can be detrimental to students’ mental and physical health, here are some reminders:

Your grades don’t determine your worth

I know, it’s hard to remember that. I’ve always been a perfectionist and strived for great grades — I’ve sacrificed my wellbeing for far too long to achieve them. Though I knew deep down that my grades don’t determine my worth, what is inside my heart does, I still let my grades affect me as if they did.

You should sleep

Now, I’m not sure I’m one to speak on this. Last semester I didn’t sleep a handful of days in a row during Finals. But, this semester I’ve drawn boundaries. Getting work done is important, yes, but so is letting your body get the rest and care it needs. One all-nighter won’t be detrimental, but over the next couple weeks, continue to care for your body.

Take deep breaths

Sometimes I need a reminder to breathe. Not because I’ve completely stopped breathing, but because I’ve forgotten that I am breathing — it’s so innate and automatic that it’s easy to forget about. It’s also easy to let the breaths get shallow and weaken in quality. So, take a break to take some deep breaths.

You deserve a break

Last but not least, give yourself time to rest and find joy. Everyone needs balance and rejuvenation. At some point your brain will hit capacity, don’t force it. Take it as a sign and treat yourself instead. You can go back to the grind after your break.

Good luck! I believe in you.

Hannah Miller

Pepperdine '21

Senior Associate, Integrated Marketing (Activation) at Her Campus Media + former Campus Correspondent at the Her Campus Pepperdine Chapter!