Habits That Any College Student Should Form For a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy in college is yet another difficulty students face, and it can also be the last thing on our minds. Being constantly busy with never-ending assignments tends to take up the majority of our mental space, and we can sometimes neglect the importance of taking care of ourselves. Here are a few easy tips that can help you turn self-care into a lifestyle rather than a chore.

  1. 1. Find a sustainable workout routine

    Person running

    Working out is certainly not always the easiest thing to make yourself do, but it is entirely worth the effort if you have the time to incorporate a few workouts into your schedule. Moving your body is so important, whether that means walking or powerlifting. We could all use a healthy dose of those "feel-good" endorphins, and working out not only betters your physical health but also your mental health.

    I understand the lack of motivation to work out. What is currently working for me, though, is adding a workout session to my weekly schedule as if it were a normal college class that I need to attend. Another tip to get yourself moving is to find a workout buddy; working out with a partner is much more fun and less monotonous than going by yourself.

  2. 2. Keep snacks on hand that make you feel good

    Late-night excursions and grueling study sessions call for snacks; why not choose something that helps you power through your homework or night on the town? Although nutrient-dense snacks can sometimes be more expensive than less-healthy alternatives, there are still plenty of cheaper options out there — many of which you can buy in bulk! Some easy options are nuts, granola bars, dried fruits, energy balls (if you have the time to prep these ahead of time) and dark chocolate.

    Get creative and play around with ingredients that clear up brain fog and make you feel your best!

  3. 3. Eat enough real meals

    Korean food

    Avoid skipping meals. I get it, with a hectic schedule it can be hard to make eating regularly a priority. However, making sure you have enough fuel in your system should always be on your radar. Eating regularly can help you avoid energy crashes and give you enough brainpower to get you through your busy day.

    Take five minutes before going to bed to roughly plan your meals for the next day so you don’t end up relying on just a meal or two. Gentle reminder: a cup of coffee is not a meal. Our schedules are hectic, and we need energy that only food can give us to get through the day.

  4. 4. Take the day off occasionally

    In college, it can feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. Sometimes, it's hard to find even a spare minute, let alone enough time to pamper yourself. Despite that, you deserve to relax and take some time off, whether that time amounts to an hour or a full day!

    Treat yourself to some "you" time. Drink a cup of coffee with lots of milk and sugar if that's what you've been craving; watch a few episodes of your favorite feel-good show; do your hair even if you don't have anywhere to be; if you have the time and money, get your nails done or get a facial. Taking time for yourself will give you the break you need to go back to your to-do list with new energy.

  5. 5. Join communities and get inspired

    Colleagues sitting at a table

    The best advice that I can give is to go out on a limb and join communities that align with your goals. If you want to make exercise a priority, join a wellness-related club. If you want to spend more time volunteering, join a service organization. There are groups for just about any hobby or goal you could think of, especially at a school as large as Ohio State. Spend some time on the "Find a Student Org" page, and browse for groups that resonate with you.