How To Embark On Your Yoga Journey

When you think of the word yoga, what comes to mind? Perhaps a picturesque beach background or a faraway island. Maybe difficult looking poses or a bunch of difficult-to-pronounce stances. Whatever your current perception on yoga is, I can assure you that the practice is far more than meditating in the midst of lit incense sticks.

My experience:

I officially started my yoga practice in the fall of 2016. Yoga was always one of those things I wanted to do but simply never got around to actually doing. I finalized my decision and bought a mat and carrying sling to begin my practice. The yoga routines I followed when I began are all available on YouTube; I simply connected my favorite videos to ChromeCast, set my equipment in front of the TV, and began. Things like balancing and breath control were not easy as a novice. Even though I would consider myself a fairly fit person, continuing with different yoga routines and postures on a regular basis proved to immensely help my stamina. At times, I found myself getting annoyed when I couldn’t hold postures for the right amount of time or if I got tired too quickly but I learned that with yoga comes patience. You will get better. Practice is key!

Tips and recommendations:

If you’re a complete beginner to physical fitness and yoga is your starting means of exercise, great! I think it’s a wonderful way to tone your muscles and figure without even leaving the house. Starting off small is the best way to assure you won’t get disappointed- there's no point in putting yourself up to advanced routines just to end up exhausted and irritated afterwards. Start off with routines that are specifically geared towards beginners and work your way up. Generalized flows that are around 15 to 20 minutes or perfect to begin with. Once you become more advanced, routines that target specific parts of the body to strengthen and tone are a great choice.


There's no need to spend a lot of money for quality yoga equipment. I have a Gaiam mat and carrier sling from Sears that set me back less than $30. Make sure to purchase a quality mat that has a strong grip- you don't want to be slipping!

My favorite videos:

My favorite yoga fitness channel is Boho Beautiful. Juliana and her husband Mark make beautiful videos about traveling, healthy eating, yoga and pilates. There are a wide range of different workouts to choose from; whether you are looking for a total body tone-up or simply an upper-body strengthening routine, I can guarantee you that there is something for everyone.


I truly believe yoga has given me the tools of becoming stronger person, mentally and physically. You’ll be surprised to see where your life can take you if you put work into something that benefits the body, heart and mind altogether.