Early to Rise

Sometimes I can get a little sluggish, and more sluggish than I’d like. More often than not, I turn in assignments at the last minute, spend too much time scrolling through social feeds, chat it up with my friends and partake in other forms of procrastination. Additionally, I spend too little time at the gym and a lot of my time sitting (even though I work a job 17 hours a week that’s mostly on my feet). I hate having to remind myself again and again to be less lazy because of all of this.

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Ironically, I was indulging in yet another lazy day of mine when I was on YouTube and stumbled across this Refinery29 video. The video is a part of a series called, Living With Lucie, and in it, Lucie challenges herself to live 5 days with a specific challenge. The challenge I found most inspiring was the one where she forces herself to smell the coffee at 5 a.m. for a week. Yes, 5 a.m. every morning!

With my ways, I found this to be an incredibly hard to achieve goal. I mean, how could I ever wake up at 5 a.m.?!?!

Surprisingly, however, I woke up at 5 a.m. the next morning. About 10 minutes later, I was putting on my workout gear, and soon after that I was at the gym.

I walked in to Ping at 6 a.m. and got right to things. While I was there, I ran about two miles in under 18 minutes, did a couple of weights and a lot of stretches. I know that this workout doesn’t sound that major to some, but again, I rarely wake up early or go to the gym at all, so this was a huge deal. I mean, I got to see the sun rise and shine through Ping’s huge windows… Is there anything better than that?

Because I do not have a campus parking pass, it was time for me to move my car before the clock struck at 7 a.m. (I’ve been towed before, and it totally killed my bank account!). Once I finally put my car’s gear in drive, I felt super tired. But I felt this unusual nick of energy come over me, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I could already sense that this day was going to run smoother than most!

Once I finally arrived at my apartment, I had enough time to shower, eat a good breakfast and pick out a really cute outfit for the day. For once, I was able to go to school on a high note without feeling like I had to drag myself to anything. In class I was more productive than I’ve ever been in my life— I took thorough notes, I asked my professors smart questions, I got a lot of assignments done and I had the best day ever.

Not for one second on this day did I notice the two-hour deficit of sleep that I was without; in each second of this day I felt the need to get on with the next thing, and then the next thing. While I would not recommend making a habit of always going right to workout land in school (Wednesday Liquor Pitchers at Lucky’s is probably a better use of your sleep hours… lol), I do recommend it for times when life brings you stress— it helps you feel productive!

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Not only does an early workout help us feel more productive, it means not having to think, “Oh, I need to go to the gym” the rest of the day. If you hate working out, then why not get it out of the way early on?