25 Thoughts I Have When I Actually Go to the Gym

Some people go the recreation center every ­single­ day while I go to Ping every semester, probably one time each semester to be exact. I’m pretty keen on being healthy, but going to the gym is usually the last thing on my mind. I prefer to spend my time focusing on things that matter: like school, my interests and those in my life, so I often forget to go to the gym. I mean, I wish I went more often, but I know thatnothing like that will ever happen. I guess, one who is a couch potato will stay a couch potato...
Because I go so long between workouts, here are the thoughts I always have when I do actually go to Ping:
1. Okay, I’m (finally) doing this  I’ve got this.
2. Wait do I have my student ID with me?
3. Oh ​please​, purse, tell me I magically left it at home!
4. Dang it... I found it.
5. Wait, does that mean I ​actually ​have to work out while I'm here?!
6. Can I just do one sit-up and talk on the phone the whole time?
7. Wait! I’ll totally be made fun of if I do that...
8. Umm, so umm... the treadmill... or elliptical?
9. Actually the elliptical is for lazy bums, I’ll just do the treadmill today.
10. Wait a minute! I remember reading that ellipticals are better for my joints... Is that true?
11. Actually, I’ll just snap out of it. It is a new year after all.
12. Shoot, this means I actually need to commit!
13. Yes, I’ll commit! I swear! I’ll be in great shape in NO TIME!
14. But, but I am actually not at all...
15. I wonder if the employees here can tell if I am in bad shape? Do they go home and talkabout that when they get off of work?
16. Gosh, I sure hope not!
17. Seriously, I gotta just focus on me because I’m doing a lot better at this than I think I am.
18. I gotta stop this treadmill machine, like, now! I can’t breathe.
19. Nope! This is only in my head talking, right?
20. Okay, this is not so bad, I’ll keep going.
21. Yeah! Um, yeah! I’m coming here every single day now, because I’m doing so well.
22. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m so out of breath now!
23. Welp, these ‘endorphins’ sure make me happy, don’t they?
24. Okay, bye Ping... I’ll see you in the morning!
25. Scratch that! See you next semester... OK. Thanks. Bye.
All GIFs courtesy of giphy.com