Benefits of Unvi PE Class

Taking a PE class in college can seem a pointless and like it would just take up time that you don’t have. Who wants to be forced to work out two or three times a week and have to pay tuition for it? You’ve walked by the classes in the gym and there’s no way that’s ever going to be you!

These thoughts are understandable but you need to throw them all away! It’s time to unlearn everything you’ve heard or seen and get rid of any misconceptions you have and throw yourself into a life-changing and body shaping experience. 

ODU has several PE classes including, but not limited to, Yoga, Pilates, Self-Defense, Weight Lifting, and various swimming classes. While these classes are only one credit, most only last eight weeks and they’re cheaper than your typical three-credit classes. Taking one PE class a semester will boost your GPA because all you really have to do is show up so it’s an easy A. Also, the credits add up and can take a big load off of you in the long run.

This semester I decided to take up self-defense because it's 2018 and people are crazy. I was expecting to walk into class and throw on some boxing gloves to defend myself but boy was I wrong! 

Self-defense here at ODU is based on very traditional Japanese learning. You must take off your shoes, socks, jewelry, hats, jackets and bow twice before entering and leaving the dojo. Your instructors will chase you around and hit you will pool sticks. You'll get yelled at about keeping your heels together or not yelling from the pit of your stomach whenever you strike. You will be challenged and feel awkward but it will be worth it!

Every awkward moment will make you stronger and more aware of yourself and the world around you. You’ll do things you never thought you could and learn new things you never thought you would. 

Even if physical activity isn’t really your thing, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. You can always drop it if you don’t like it but I can almost promise you will. Plus, regardless of whether you truly enjoy it or not, you’ll learn skills that could save your life one day and will better your life right now.