Treat Yourself and Fall In Love with Oatmeals

Fall weather gives you an excuse to eat all those tasty, warm, and cozy foods that you couldn't eat during the summer. If you’re looking for a new, fall weather favorite place to check out, Oatmeals is the place to go.

This small cafe is nestled on West 3rd Street and is serving up all types of oatmeal. You can build your own or pick one of their signature bowls. From classic toppings like honey and maple syrup to more unique creations like Bacon Pumpkin and Banana Cream Pie, you’re bound to find something you like.

Feeling like indulging in the fall weather atmosphere that day, I went for the Salted Caramel Apple off of the Happy Endings menu. I also opted for an espresso shot on the side. The ‘baby bear’ size was just perfect for me as a mid-afternoon snack. The oatmeal tasted just as warm and welcoming as it looked. The apples were nicely caramelized and dusted with a bit of cinnamon to give that extra boost of warmth and spice.

At first thought, I thought the bowl might be overwhelmingly sweet with the caramel apples, brown sugar, and whipped cream, but that was not the case. All the flavors combined were just right to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some might think that oatmeal is a dish that’s bland and underwhelming, but oatmeal enthusiast or not, Oatmeals knows how to whip up all different kinds of bowls that take it to the next level. I’m curious about their more savory types of oatmeal such as their Cacio e Pepe and their cleverly named bowl ‘The Elvis’. I will have to try them on my next visit. All the bowls range in price from $4.50 - $7.50, depending on the size and toppings you get.

The staff was friendly and very welcoming, open to answering any questions I had about the menu and providing recommendations if needed. The atmosphere of the shop is also quiet and provides a great space to catch up with friends, relax, or study. There’s even a bar by the window where you can look out on the street. Overall, this oatmeal bar is a great place to treat yourself after a long study session, or just when you’re in the mood to eat some cozy, fall food.

Images taken by author.