The Perfect Recipe Book For Every Type Of Student

On a Budget:

A Girl Called Jack: 100 Delicious Budget Recipes by Jack Monroe

Most students will relate to the story of single mum Jack, who found herself with just £10 a week to spend on food, forcing her to get creative with her shopping and cooking. The result is ‘A Girl Called Jack’, a savvy recipe book which demonstrates that good food doesn’t have to be all about time and money.

Jack’s determination to make the most of ingredients makes this book a perfect investment for students who often find it impossible to use all three peppers in a packet or a whole box of eggs, but could really do with not wasting that money.


Keeping Things Simple:

5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is known for his fast and fun cooking style. With the help of his new ‘5 Ingredients’ book, the world of exciting, tasty food is made accessible to students on a limited budget.

Cupboard staples such as peanut butter, soy sauce and mushrooms are worked into fun recipes with the help of fresh ingredients that don’t break the bank and are probably already on your weekly shopping list.


Going Vegan:

Students Go Vegan by Carole Raymond

Whether you’re a committed vegan or you’re just considering giving it a go, having access to quick and easy vegan recipes will help make vegan life easier.

Whilst a lot of vegan recipe books can be even more daunting than the idea of going vegan itself, Raymond’s ‘Students Go Vegan’ takes time, money and students’ questionable cooking abilities into account. With sweet and savoury recipes suitable for all times of day, this book should be a staple on all vegan bookcases.


Impress Your Friends:

Leon: Naturally Fast Food by Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent

For those familiar with the food chain Leon, this recipe book epitomises their philosophy of ‘naturally fast food’. With recipes from the restaurant amongst many others inspired by the travels of its curators, this book is the perfect way to impress your friends with tasty but simple recipes.

The book is also a great read, full of fun twists like a sticker page, travel anecdotes and helpful tips for enhancing recipes.


Baking Goddess:

Primrose Bakery Everyday by Martha Swift

From proscrasti-baking to celebrating a friend’s birthday with a sweet treat, ‘Primrose Bakery Everyday’ will help you capture some of your favourite flavours in cake form.

From tempting Creme Egg cupcakes to intriguing avocado chocolate cookies, there are recipes to impress every one of your housemates, whether they want to help out with the cooking or the eating, making this book the ultimate guide for all bakers.


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