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Quiz: Find Your New Winter Workout

You made a New Year’s resolution to finally get rid of that holiday weight, but you still haven’t found the motivation to be active when your bed is so warm and cozy in these freezing months. Take this quiz to find your perfect winter workout, then grab a friend and start burning off those month-old Christmas cookie calories!



1.     What type of music do you like to listen to while you exercise?

a. Pop remixes

b. Something soft and relaxing

c. My favorite Pandora station

d. Loud house music

2.     Why do you work out?

a. To feel stronger and look more in shape

b. Relaxation

c. Burning calories!

d. The adrenaline high

3.     What’s keeping you from your exercise? You…

a. …feel like your current routine is making you bulky.

b. …don’t think the gym is a peaceful environment.

c. …are swamped with work and extracurriculars.

d. …can’t find enough of a challenge.

4.     How athletic are you?

a. I can do cardio, but I want to work on toning.

b. I like to take things slow.

c. Moderately—I can get a big workout done in a small time frame.

d. I’m the superwoman of working out.

5.     Who’s your celebrity idol?

a. Natalie Portman

b. Gwyneth Paltrow

c. Madonna

d. Kim Kardashian



Mostly As—Barre

For someone who already wants to start getting toned in preparation for that spring break bikini bod, barre is a great new exercise to test out. Targeting specific body parts, this workout isolates problem areas and returns lean, muscular results. Check out Pure Barre and The Barre Code, opening up in downtown Evanston this February, and don’t be surprised if you’re feeling sore the next day!


Mostly Bs—Yoga

Looking for relaxation in your workout? Hot yoga is a great way to relieve your body of the stress (and the dropping temperatures) of winter quarter. Try Down Dog Hot Yoga or even one of the free classes in SPAC. You’ll leave with your muscles and mind relaxed.


Mostly Cs—Gym

A busy, self-motivated girl like you may not have the time to fit a group exercise class into your schedule. Going to the gym is what you need—just try to make sure you’re getting in 30 minutes on a cardio machine! You have the flexibility to design your own workouts, or you can look to apps like Nike Training, Fitness Builder, and RunKeeper for an electronic exercise mentor.


Mostly Ds—Boot Camp

As an intense athlete who needs a real challenge, you should try out a boot camp class. Try Orangetheory Fitness, a little less than a mile away from the Metra/Green Bay/Harrison stop on the Ryan Field shuttle (but a little extra walking wouldn’t scare a workout master like you!). The hour-long classes are guaranteed to rev up your metabolism and help you burn calories faster for the rest of the day!

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