Myth: Lifting Makes Girls Look “Manly”

No. It doesn’t.

Steroids may make you look manly. Training 24/7, while simultaneously drowning yourself in protein and throwing 1,000lb on your back will most likely make you look manly. Odds are, however, unless you are trying to go for the Hulk physique, you are not doing either of those things.


Lifting gives you shape and definition. Eating right, building muscle, and moving weight will help you grow a butt and slim the waist, resulting in the hourglass look.


Where’s the proof that you won’t get a “manly” physique?

You don’t have enough of what creates that physique, testosterone. Even though women may have testosterone, they don’t have nearly enough to give them the large figure that male bodybuilders achieve.


What will you achieve from lifting?

Lifting weights will spark your metabolism. A faster metabolism means burning fat at a quicker rate. This also means you will continue to burn calories for longer AFTER your workout is over. While cardio may burn a large number of calories, it is easy to plateau. When lifting weights, you can progressively increase weight and movements, growing your strength and overall body. Cardio does a great job of burning your fat, but this may mean that the shape you had is most likely to go as well. In my experience, cardio has caused me to lose weight in my butt and boobs first, while the stomach is the last spot to go. Lifting helps build muscles in your chest and booty helping tone your body while simultaneously losing weight, thus giving you the shape that you want.


Do not be afraid of looking strong!! Do not be afraid of lifting weights!! It is all about being comfortable in your own skin, while also being proud of what you can achieve.