For the Health of It Article III: Working Out From Home

For the Health of It  Article III  Working Out From Home 

 I used to think that the only place I could get a good workout in was at the gym. Every morning when my alarm went off, I would roll out of bed, grab my tennis shoes, and head to the gym to lift some weights and get some cardio in. Although working out is something I truly enjoy, going to the gym was getting old. Quarantine, however, gave me a new perspective on my exercise routine, and it has convinced me that a workout at home can be just as effective as going to the gym. With just a few small, inexpensive pieces of equipment, you can start your at home fitness journey. 


During quarantine, I primarily used these three pieces of equipment: 

  1. Resistance bands - You can find elastic resistance bands at any store that carries fitness equipment! They usually come in packs of 3 that include a light, medium, and heavy band. The lighter bands will help you activate your muscles, especially your glutes. The heavier resistance bands will be more helpful in building those muscles 

  2. Lightweight dumbbells - Dumbbells are so diverse! Grab a pair of 5-8lbs dumbbells, and you can use them to target your legs, abs, arms, and even use them to boost your cardio exercises! 

  3. A medium to heavy weighted kettlebell - Kettlebells have changed the workout game for me. There are so many exercises you can do that work your cardio while also building strength. I have a 15lb kettlebell that I probably use everyday. I will even bring my kettlebell on trips with me! 


There are hundreds of exercises you can do with just these three pieces of equipment and your own body weight, of course. If you are unsure where to start, look on Instagram for a fitness influencer you like! I'm pretty sure just about every fitness influencer out there has recorded at least one at-home workout in the past 6 months. I really enjoy doing @rachelsgoodeats Instagram live workouts. She records them on Wednesday and Saturday, and then she posts them on her IGTV for her followers to follow along at their leisure. Her workouts range from 20-50 minutes, and I can promise you will be sweating by the end of it.


If you are intimidated by the gym or don’t want to pay for a membership that is completely understandable. But don’t let those things stop you from getting your blood flowing! Even if you just start with a few minutes a day, your body will thank you for moving it!