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To: Future Me, From: The Me Who Has the Potential to Grow 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

In one of the amazing clubs that’s offered here at Michigan State, Spartan Support Network, or SSN, we had to write a letter to ourselves and then read it again after the semester ended. I love doing letters like these and wanted to share mine, in hopes it inspires someone to do the same kind of letter, and maybe even gives someone something to relate to.

Dear Future Me, 

Who knew you would be here, a leader of SSN after two years of participation? It means you still love helping people and meeting new people, and that you’re an even stronger advocate for mental health than you were two years ago. I’m proud of your commitment and that you do so much, not just for your resume, but because you love to do it. You help at the Listening Ear, and have done so much and written so much about body image. You’re an intern at an agency! Like wow. Take a second to congratulate yourself. You’re so busy, it’s easy to dismiss all your accomplishments as little things, but they’re important steps to get to where you want to be. 

I know you’ve always wanted to be a writer, but meeting new people and gaining new experiences has helped you discover more things. You know you want to speak out against the appearance ideal now, you know that friends are about connection. The old you tried to fit in and date a lot, but now you’re so confident; you’ve made changes in your life. You’ve taken your mental health struggles and bounced back to help others who are in the place you used to be in. You’re on fire. Of course, you have your bad days, but the old Sydney was quick to give up, and the new Sydney perseveres. 

Plus, you’ve found the type of people who push you and who are kind, and you’ve surrounded yourself in a healthy circle. 

You wanted to change for yourself and you have. 

There’s just one piece of advice I want to give to you, and that’s this:

You’re not Superwoman, Sydney. I know you think you are, but you’re not. You’re one person. You can only do so much. Let yourself take a break and take time to enjoy your accomplishments. Sometimes you’re a machine and you just GO GO GO. It’s good you’re doing so much and keeping busy. But when your first novel gets published and you look back, are you going to wish you worked a little less? 

You’re amazing and SNN is lucky to have you. Keep touching people’s lives with kindness because it was other people’s kindness that saved you . . . Remember?


The Me Who Has the Potential to Grow 

A common theme I want to make obvious with this letter is that affirmations toward ourselves in today’s society aren’t talked about enough. Simple affirmations and simply talking to yourself like you’d talk to your best friend goes such a long way. My therapist once caught me saying negative things to myself, and she asked me if I would say those words to the nine-year-old version of myself. And I said no. Why has that changed? Just because we’re grown adults doesn’t mean we deserve to talk to ourselves like trash. Writing a letter like this can boost your self-esteem. I highly recommend it. It came to me on a day when I really needed it, and I hope something like this can help you too. 

Sydney Savage is studying psychology and creative writing at Michigan State University. Part of her novel called "I Love You More Than Me" is published at Red Cedar Review. An excerpt of her other novel, “Just Let Me Go” is published at Outrageous Fortune magazine. At MSU, she’s an editor for Her Campus. While not writing, blogging, or reading, she’s part of the MSU Peer Body Project and gives presentations on the media's impact on eating disorders. She also works as a current Mental Health Assistant in Livingston County, and enjoys helping people in areas of mental health and body image. She love to write about these themes in her works and hopes to make them more open in the market. She took this mindset to the Arthouse Literary Agency, where she was a social media and editorial intern. You can read some of her works on her personal blog and website: https://sydsavage13.wixsite.com/sydwriter13 Her twitter is @realsydsavage13 and her writing insta is @sydwriter13