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Students in a lecture class
Her Campus at MSU MSU Students Deserve Better

Moving back to East Lansing for in-person classes was supposed to be exciting, especially for freshmen and sophomores who have never gotten a real college experience. The problem with...

Woman in Black Tank Top With Blue and Red Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace
Her Campus at MSU l o v e

Love: Bringing a fleeting moment of insurmountable joy // before succumbing to the weight of reality.

Sign that reads \"One World\" at climate change protest in Germany
Her Campus at MSU Helplessness

There is always something happening. Some event, some crisis, some tragedy that comes knocking on our doors, asking for our help. Without fail, before one can end its parade...

Twilight sky rep image
Her Campus at MSU He’s The Sun

I wrote a poem about the insecurities of starting a new relationship and starting one before you are ready to. It’s about putting the other person before yourself, as...