My Fab Five Favorite Fitness Bloggers

Trying to get into fitness? Don’t worry! Here’s a list of my top five favorite fitness gurus. They all use their social media to guide their followers to their ultimate bod. Shake those gym frustrations away by checking out all of these lovely ladies!

1.     Danielle and Deanna Inzano

Danielle and Deanna Inzano -- these two lovely ladies are the ultimate fitness twins! They both post motivational pictures daily. You can also find various videos of their routines. Their website is where you can actually purchase their full workout guide! Cool bonus: each fitness guru has discount codes in their bios!

Instagram: Danielle Inzano: @danielleinzano, Deanna Inzano: @deannainzano

Youtube: The Inzano Twins

2.     Emma O’Neil

Check out Emma O’Neil, she’s a fitness inspo from the U.K.! She loves to post daily pics of either, typical motivational selfies, meals, routines and transformations. Emma’s blogs are super open and she discusses the real struggles of staying fit. You can get her full fitness plan at her website. Her workouts are a real killer... and don’t get me started on her oatmeal bowls!

Instagram: @emlouisefitness

3.     Whitney Simmons

Never miss a “Fit Tip With Whit?” Never! Her main blog network is her YouTube channel. She posts all of the time and about so many different things. There are so many different types of workouts targeted for all of her viewers. She also does other blogs like her workout apparel reviews, and her super cute pup Navy guest stars very frequently!

Instagram: @whitneyysimmons

YouTube: Whitney Simmons

4.     Kristen Gomez

Kristen Gomez is 19 and a 2017 National Physique Committee (or NPC) Jr. USA Class C Winner... she's only 19! I love checking out all of her tips and tricks about all things fitness. She reviews a ton of different products and you can even get discount codes from TilYouCollapse clothing line. Stay on your fitness track with her nutrition tips and killer workouts every single day.

Instagram: @happyandfitk

YouTube: happyandfitk

5.     Darian Prater (My personal favorite!)

Darian is a good friend of mine and has been my little fitness guru for months. She found a love for fitness early and jumped into competing at 18 years old. Her first NPC bikini competition she ended up taking home two first place metals in both her classes. She is currently on the path to becoming a NASM CPT, or National Academy of Sport Medicine certified personal trainer! She loves everything fitness and nutrition and loves helping others towards their goals above all. Check out her instagram for all her tips and tricks, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you ever want some help.

Instagram:  @darianaprater