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Kayleigh Scherzer ’18


Name: Kayleigh Scherzer

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Rockford, Michigan


What is your favorite thing about MSU? The campus culture, we’re a Big 10 school, so we have awesome sporting events that a lot of people get involved in, but there are also organizations that you can be involved in on campus that make it smaller and allow you to get involved in other ways

What activities are you involved with on and off campus? I’m a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, an undergraduate research assistant for concussion analysis research, Big Brother/Big Sister Organization and I also have a job.

Favorite hobbies? I like to write short stories, hammock, crossfit and watch Netflix. Although I don’t usually have much free time, but I try to plan some each week to relax.

Any tips for collegiette women who are trying to stay healthy in college?

  • First off, make sure you get your rest; that’s huge when you’re living in close quarters and under the stress of school.

  • Another is managing stress, your mental health plays a key role in your physical health. Try keeping your school work organized and planned out, even plan time to study well in advance of tests and exams.

  • Making healthy decisions as to what you put in your body is huge when it comes to staying healthy; 80% of what you look like is based on what you consume, and let’s face it, we all know that our bodies don’t feel well after we eat an entire row of Oreos. So doing something as simple as removing soda or high sugar/sodium snack foods can make a difference. When I find myself craving a snack food that isn’t healthy, like Girl Scout cookies or potato chips, I drink a large glass of water and start to do something productive, and normally in 20 minutes or less, I don’t crave it anymore.

  • Another thing is lay off of the alcohol, maybe girls in college choose to drink liquor over beer because liquor has fewer calories, but then they mix with sugary sodas or mixers which are just as bad for your body. If you’re looking to get in shape or be healthier, it’s best to limit your alcohol intake.

  • You also have to make time for exercise; I recommend lifting weights. No, you’re not going to get bulky, the more lean body mass your body has, the longer your body will burn calories throughout the day and while at rest. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins which interact with receptors in your brain which reduce pain perception. Endorphins also induce a positive feeling through the body, much like the effects of pain management drugs. Even if you don’t have a gym membership, there are many bodyweight exercises and workout programs you can find on the internet.

Favorite spot on campus? The dam by the library. I can set my hammock up or lay a blanket out, and the sun shines through the opening in the trees to create the perfect napping stop, writing spot, or I can just sit and watch the ducks and listen to the water.

What are some of your future goals? I love health, fitness and athletics. So after graduating with a bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and minor in Coaching and Entrepreneurship, I plan to attend graduate school, somewhere in the south, to obtain a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I would love to eventually open a training facility for college bound and professional bound athletes, or anyone looking for a competitive edge or overall performance improvement, that has an emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

A quote that you live by? “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” -Zig Ziglar

A Freshman at Michigan State University. Enjoys 90's movies, rock alternative music, and reading books of all kinds. Apart of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and studies Journalism. Can be found running around campus, eating heaps of food at the Caf, or cheering my Spartans on at Spartan Football Stadium!
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