On the Brightside. . .

It isn’t hard for a global pandemic to spur feelings of hopelessness, despair, and anxiety. Staying inside all day, with little or no face-to-face interaction doesn’t help either. In these dark days, there are small but affirming glimmers of hope. Focusing on the bright sides in the midst of Covid-19 can help us keep our heads in these trying times. 

  1. 1. More Personal Time

    The drastic increase in personal time might be overwhelming at first. Not to mention the desperation of absolute boredom. But the truth is, a little free time is long overdue for the majority of us. Use this time to do all the things that have been pushed to the bottom of your to-do list for months. Deep clean the house, pick up a new hobby, read that interesting book. You may find that staying productive is a lot easier when your time is fully and truly your own.

  2. 2. A Cleaner Environment

    Here’s is one not-so-surprising-yet-still-enlightening effect of societal lockdown: We can literally see how our absence has benefited the environment. With major factories closed or running far beneath capacity, reduced car and air travel, and generally fewer people using fewer resources, the planet has made some remarkable recoveries. This includes reduced air pollution and clear water in the Venice canals. If anyone still had doubts that humans are harming our environment, the result of the few weeks without us might be enough to finally change their minds.


  3. 3. Reconnecting with our Humanity

    We haven’t seen such a crisis shake up the entire world in a really long time. With the fear and anxiety that comes with such trying times also comes a bonded human experience. It may be corny, but the saying rings true: We really are all in this together. Hearing other people’s stories of loss, survival, and hope allows us to connect with them, even from all the way across the world. Catch up with those you’re no longer seeing daily, and if you have the means, donate to charities that help those who need it most. 

  4. 4. The Motivation for a Brighter Future

    It may be hard to think about the aftermath of all this while we are still in the belly of the beast. That’s fair, but focusing on the great changes that could occur from this disaster is a good way to stay positive. Covid-19 has shown us a lot of faults in our systems (healthcare specifically) that we can fix to prevent this from happening to such a large degree in the future. Not to mention the environmental benefits I’ve mentioned earlier. Maybe we will be able to adjust to using less even after all this has blown over.

  5. 5. Renewed Gratitude and Humility

    Most of all, during this craziness I have learned to be grateful. I am grateful for the people in my life, my health, and my home. These are simple things we often take for granted, but something like a global pandemic can really put it all into perspective. After all, there is very little that we can actually control in this world. Allow this time to change your view on life for the better. 


Covid-19 is a massive dark cloud, there’s really no arguing that. But at a certain point, only reading bad news and fearing the terrible outcomes will drive you crazy. Take this time to remember the few good things we’ve seen as a result of the epidemic. We will survive this. Just remember: Don’t panic, stay home, and wash your hands.