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5 Tips for Mastering Meditation


Meditation, when done properly, can be a very calming and therapeutic practice. However ┄ it takes a lot of patience and practice to do it properly. With the proper tips and tricks to gain focus, you can master the art of meditation in no time!


Find a quiet and isolated place

Location is key when trying to practice meditation. You need to find a location where you can go to for every session, and have to stick to that location. Make sure it is isolated from who you live with and is quiet. It may be harder to do this if you live with roommates but it is very important. Great places could be your living room, the basement, or office room.

Eliminate any sources of distraction

Distractions are the main roadblock to proper meditation. The number one distraction is noise. Make sure you let your friends or family know that you need some peace and quiet for a few minutes or hours. Silence your electronic devices and put them away. If you have pets, you should find a room or space where you can meditate and isolate yourself from them.


Focus on your heartbeat or breathing

Find a constant in your body such as your heartbeat or breath to focus on. Meditation is all about focus and training your mind to let go of your thoughts momentarily. I have always been taught to look for a light in my heart, but that comes with a lot of practice and can be very difficult for beginners. I would suggest focusing on your breathing and paying special attention to every inhale and exhale. 


Don't latch on to any thoughts

Meditation is highly beneficial because it allows you to momentarily step away from your life and not ruminate over your life. This allows your mind to rest and your thoughts to drift away while also being conscious. However, it is normal to get a lot of thoughts while you are meditating. It is important to let these thoughts pass and to not latch onto them. For example, if you think about meeting with a friend, don't keep thinking about it or specifics; just let the thought pass. This will get easier with time and practice.

Start small and be consistent

It is very hard to meditate for hours at a time, so for beginners, it is easier to start with 10-20 minutes every day. Allocate some time each day for meditation and be consistent. Think of it as an appointment for your mind that cannot be cancelled. With time and practice, you will be able to meditate for longer periods of time and see the many benefits of meditation first-hand.


Meditation is very beneficial as it calms the mind and allows it to finally relax while you are conscious. It is difficult to master but with my few tips, you can hopefully make meditation a part of your daily routine.

I am a freshman at Michigan State University with a major in Human Biology. I plan to go to Michigan State University's medical school through the Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program to pursue a career in OBGYN. I love to dance, sing and play tennis. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix and take long naps. I am a Friends enthusiast and am fluent in Friends quotes.
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