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Working Out From Home: My Favorite Workout Trainers

Ladies, can’t go to the gym right now due to the pandemic? Don’t worry! Pack up your gym bag, some weights, yoga mat and your H20 and I’ll give you some of my favorite workout trainers!


Chloe Ting 

Now, ladies, I bet you have heard about this well-known inspiration to lots of women around the world, Chloe Ting. She is an Australian Youtuber and fitness personality with more than a million subscribers. Ting has her own free workout programs, available at www.chloeting.com. Her “Get Abs in Two Weeks” went viral after women and teen girls were tempted to complete the challenge. At the time when everyone was in quarantine, her “Two Week Shred Challenge” grew in popularity on TikTok since everyone was posting themselves before the two weeks and once they completed the two-week shred challenge. On her Youtube channel, you can find her posting “Abs and Butt Workout”, “Full Body Burn Workout” and many more workout videos. Plus, she posts videos on what you should eat on a daily basis in order to lose weight. Go check her youtube channel out and her #Chloetingchallenge community page out on Instagram plus her personal page


Ciara London 

Ciara Madden, commonly known as Ciara London, is a female-only personal trainer and fitness instructor based in London. She has become well-known for her female empowerment brand called Body by Ciara. London is known to focus on body positivity, intensive training,  and a healthy attitude towards food. You may think all personal trainers you see around social media always were avid gym lovers, however, for some trainers, it’s not always the case. London’s love for the gym started when she got out of an abusive seven-year relationship. She was cheated on, constantly worrying, never could go to sleep, she was simply in an unhappy place. She needed to find a safe place, somewhere she can find peace within herself. Once she started going to the gym, put her headphones on, and worked out, she realized that was the only time when she wouldn’t think about everything her ex did to her. Every time she stepped foot into the gym she would be feeling upset and anxious and by the time she came out, she would be feeling really good. The gym all of a sudden became her happy place, where she could finally be at peace. If you’re going through something like this, and you’re finding yourself needing a place to find peace try working out. You never know, it might just change your life. 

You can find Ciara London on her Instagram page full of all her viral workout videos.



Maddie Lymburner is better known as MadFit from her 4.65 million subscriber Youtube channel. She has been posting workout videos on her channel since March 2018. Within a few months, her videos started to blow up, her lower abs video has reached about 10M views. However, she’s not like every trainer out there who just posts workout challenges or workout video for their subscribers to follow. MadFit creates her workout videos that go along to specific songs. Her first ever workout to a specific song video was to “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sherran and Justin Bieber. She realized her subscribers and new viewers have loved those types of videos so she kept posting videos to specific songs that either her fans requested or that are popular. MadFit was a dancer for 17 years and stopped competitively dancing abruptly so the fact that her fans loved her dancing workout videos was such a dream for her. Maddie’s goal is about teaching her fans the importance of being active all the time. Not only for a healthy body but for mental health as well. She creates workouts that are 20 minutes long that doesn’t involve jumping or equipment. Her workout videos are for anybody looking for non-repetitive movements and easy to do n at home. You can check Madfit workout videos on her Youtube channel and follow her on Instagram.  


No matter how many goals we have for ourselves, some of us tend to struggle to work up the motivation to accomplish all of our goals. However, whether you are trying to lose weight, get over a breakup, have a healthy body or any of the many reasons you want to make fitness a part of your life, consistency is key. Trust me, it may be really really hard but consider all of the possibilities. Remember the reason or reasons why you want fitness as a part of your daily life. Those avid gym lovers you see walking around or all over social media all fit and looking healthy all started somewhere. With these three famous female trainers I hope after watching and scrolling through their profiles and channels it will give you a bit more motivation to get up and start living your best healthy life that you all beautiful women deserve. Good luck on your workout journey ladies! 


Xoxo- Kyra 

Kyra Reyes

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