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I Started Going to the Gym and Here’s How It’s Going

Warning: This article is not trying to convince you to go to the gym. 

I always thought to myself I’ve got much better things to do than go to the gym; I can catch up on homework, go shopping, take a nap, etc. I was never one for working out voluntarily. In fact, if you’d asked me to go two months ago, I would respond by saying, “I would rather do anything else,” but my mindset has changed drastically. 

I started going to Planet Fitness on March 20th and since then, I try to go four times a week. It still amazes me that I have the motivation to go. I honestly got my motivation from a Tik Tok of a girl showing her before and after results from weight lifting leaving me in awe and impressed. What really inspired me was the fact that she had the same body type as me and was able to grow her glutes in a short amount of time. The next day after seeing the video, I went to the gym with my boyfriend, making him practically cheer with glee since he’s been begging me to go with him before then. Lucky for me, I can go for free because my boyfriend has a free membership for working at Planet Fitness and is allowed to have one guest with him as long as he’s at the gym. Now, would I ever be willing to buy my own gym membership? I’m still uncertain since I only view going to the gym as a side hobby and will have free access once I’m back on campus. 

I’ve always been happy with my body for the most part, but my glutes and thighs could be more muscular and toned, so I work on my legs every time I go. I use resistance bands for squats, lateral band walks, and other exercises to warm up my glutes. I also enjoy using machines, especially the leg press, hip abduction, glute kickback, and more! The only problem I face at the gym is trying to adjust the seat on the machines by myself, that’s when I call over my boyfriend to come stop what he’s doing and help me. Maybe this is a sign for me to start working on my upper body strength too. Once I’m settled, I listen to a Spotify playlist for working out and am there for about forty minutes to an hour.

Overall, I’m happy with my new hobby because I know I’m one step closer to making my body look even better! #confidencenotcockiness

I also keep a gym journal where I write down all the stretches I did, machines I used along with the weight I’m using, how many reps of each exercise, and how long I was there for that day. It helps hold myself accountable and keep track of my progress. Going to the gym gives me something to look forward to, especially going after work, because now I think of it as my “me time”, time to myself. 

What I’ve learned from this experience: 

  • I surprise myself. 

  • Keep an open mind.

  • To expect the unexpected.

  • To always have someone on hand for when you can’t adjust a machine.

Kim Lamparello

Montclair '23

Kim Lamparello is a senior at Montclair State University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Criminal Justice. She is the President of the Her Campus Montclair chapter!
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